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Exploring the Thanegioth Archipelago

by Sean Meaney

The Thanegioth Archipelago

So you sailed south from Specularum for a month only you didnt find the Isle of Dread. Instead you find an overly large Island that by the shape of it puts it at the far east of the Archipelago of Islands.
The Inconvenience of it all is that you must make landfall here and search for food and Water...

Charting the Coast you find a native populated city sinking in a swamp.

The Isle of Night (AKA THE ISLE OF NYX)


Hy Brasl is an old city established here on the Coast of the Isle of Night (also the Isle of Nyx) by those Traladar fleeing the Humanoid hordes invading their homeland of Traladar. The city was not in a swamp originally. In fact it was a major city trading with settlements in the southern continent. Only in the last thousand years as the city flooded and the spaces between the stone buildings became canals, the occupants adapted to the ecosystem changes. Now they are a native people hunting in its waterways for turtle, snake, and fish. They speak a language vaguely like ancient Traladaran though now sufficiently different from it to be unique. Oddly enough the Architectural style is dominated by a vaguely Nithian Step Pyramid that towers above the flooded city. Horrors happened here as the Peoples – driven mad by the presence of Hy Gorm and the Cyrn Hy Fyx carried out terrible sacrifice.


The Ruins of Hy Gorm are ancient beyond ancient. Where the City of Hy Brasl dates to the migration of the Traladar south across the Sea of Dread from their homeland a thousand miles north - The Citadel is thousands of years old. Hy Gorm (Gorm being the original name of Halav), Its original name forgotten, was not carved from the Black Stone of the Spine that pretty much runs the length of the Island – rather from the stone between hollow and outer world.

Deep in its Ruins (if they can be called that as they have not decayed in any way other than to become overgrown) are older secrets discovered here by those first Traladar navigators. In a hidden vault, scribed into the indestructible stone of this citadel in the six symbol alphabet of the Carnifex found only in the Symbol Spell is the location of the Cyrn Hy Fyx (Translation Error: Cairn of Nyx) in the mountains at the Western End of the Isle of Night. I there is a horror haunting the Isle of Night – the Cyrn Hy Fyx is the cause of it.


The ‘Cairn of Nyx’ (or Carnifex in the oldest written form) marks the site of a Carnifex vault. This Artificial Mountain protruding from the Swamp filled mile deep crater is a very old starship.

The Swamp itself is an insane thing as any who enter it and breathe its foul smells become paranoid and mad. There are also creatures here that have long evolved in that influence. Indeed only once the PCs gain entry to the vertically inclined Starship that they will have taken to be a mountain is there any respite. They may find shafts lined with horizontal doors leading to narrow chambers. Deep at the bottom, a cargo bay with Carnifex in Cryostorage.