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Heldannic Knights -- The Eyes

by Bruce Heard

The Eyes

This sect is a legal part of The Voice. It is known of most inside and outside the Order, although its activities and its members remain secret. The Eyes includes a relatively small number of knights and priests whose role is hire and control native mercenary spies in the various territories under Heldannic control, or others the knights covet. Most of the spies are paid foreigners, unless operations are conducted inside the Order itself. The Eyes' responsibility is to provide information to The Voice needed to better administrate the land and its people and conduct successful diplomacy abroad. Military commanders receive useful information directly from The Voice before battles or to support major campaigns. During conflicts, spies of The Eyes are often assigned directly to military commanders for practical reasons. Information is also provided to The Hammer especially in regards to tracking down outlawed sects and enemy organisations such as the Wolves of Heldann. Occasionally, The Eyes may be used to watch over the activities of The Hammer especially if leaders of The Voice suspect foul play there. As can be expected, leaders of The Eyes spend a great deal of effort trying to keep out members of The Partisans, and The Fist of Hattias for obvious reasons, not to mention spies from other kingdoms. Occasionally, a few bad apples have been known to slip in. In the recent years of Heldannic history, some of the best and most loyal spies working for The Eyes have been allowed to take the Oath of Service and become permanent members of the Order - much to the rage of the Fist of Hattias. These "foreigners" are generally more open to the ideals of The Partisans than those of The Fist, but their integrity and loyalty to The Eyes has remained unquestionable so far.