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Ezechiel Naramis

by Andrew Theisen

AC 1000

I Appearance

Ezechiel Naramis is a bit stout of appearance (a lot of meals, something he doesn't get in the Shadow Elf territories). His hair is white, and his eyes are a dull grey in colour. He dresses entirely in black clothing, even wearing black gloves almost constantly.

The only skin he reveals is that of his face, which betrays greyish tints. Under bright lights (a condition in which Naramis can almost never be found) it seems to be slightly scaly- if asked, he claims to have a rare skin condition. If he doesn't like the questioner, he may also claim it is slightly contagious.

II Personality

Ezechiel is quite a bit of an eccentric, meaning he fits in perfectly amongst the nobility of Glantri. He shuns the daylight, preferring to remain in the confines of his secluded tower of Nathrat in the Silver Sierras. On those occasions that he does venture outside, he rarely goes any further than the forests that surround his tower- dark, magically grown fungal forests that thrive in the shadowy canyon around his home.

Ezechiel plays his cards close to his chest. He is a virtual chameleon, adapting his personality to suit the occasion and the needs of those around him, to best accommodate his goals. He is vain, crafty, and plotting, and more than a little bit gluttonous now that he lives in the outer world.

III History

Far beneath the surface world, the shadow elves have dwelt for centuries, quietly coveting a chance to reclaim their place in the lands above. Two shadow elves in particular, Xatapechtli and Kanafasti- the spymaster and high magist of the kingdom of Gwaithallin- had for years been planning to infiltrate various surface world nations. Ever since 802, when one of their operatives there inadvertently brought the plague back to the underworld with him, there had been no operatives in Glantri. Towards the end of the 9th century, that nation was experiencing many changes, in particular a governmental change based on magical ability. Kanafasti and Xatapechtli felt this was an opportune time to send more agents there. They began a search through all the territories for potential recruits.

They found one in the person of Ezechiel Naramis- a young shadow elf blacksmith. Naramis was currently serving his mandatory period of enlistment in the shadow elf army. He was singled out by the spy organisation known as the Second Shadow due to his chameleon-like ability to blend in with people, while at the same time hiding his true feelings. It wasn't long after his recruitment that he became the favoured choice of the two shadow elf conspirators. Kanafasti oversaw his training in the magical arts, while Xatapechtli trained Ezechiel in spy craft.

Once his initial training was complete, he was sent to the surface world. He was initially introduced into Alfheim society as a distant cousin of General Gilfronden. He ingratiated himself with many Alfheim personalities during that time. A year or so later, having made several connections within the Erendyl clan, he made the move to Glantri, where he lived among the Erewan clan- cousins of the Erendyl elves.

After remaining with them for a time, Ezechiel eventually found patronage and joined the Great School of Magic.

He completed his studies with the Great School and returned to the Erewan clan, taking every opportunity to involve himself in Glantrian politics when he could. When the Barony of Egorn became vacant, Ezechiel put himself in the pool and was selected to become the new baron. From there, he politicked for many years, finally earning the title of Viscount of Nathrat in 991 AC. He has since passed up any opportunity for political advancement, for many reasons. Nathrat is close to known entrances to the shadow elf caverns, from which further infiltrators can be smuggled to the surface. Also, unbeknownst to his masters, he has discovered a mysterious antimagical ore that he is studying and hopes to use for his own benefit.

(Campaign Notes: As of the current timeline, 1018 AC, Ezechiel Naramis is long dead, having been destroyed along with his dominion in the meteor strike of 1006 AC. That need not be the end of this character, however. It is entirely possible that he had been pulled out of Glantri by his shadow elf masters long before the meteor hit- either due to the burgeoning war among the surfaceworlders and the war with Alfheim, or else due to his insubordination. He may still be actively involved either in Gwaithallin or in the new surface colony of Aengmor- his experience on the surface being a valuable asset to shadow elves living there. He- or a "relative"- may also turn up in Glantri again, seeking to reclaim the former dominion of Nathrat- now overrun and claimed by humanoids.)