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Faedil's Arrows

by Christopher Cherrington

These long slender arrows are fashioned in the style of the Faedil Clan. They are similar to +3 arrows of flight, but unlike most other magical arrows, they can be used over and over again. These arrows always point towards the Sylvan Realm. They can't be pointed in any other direction, so they are very limited in use against creatures (unless they are standing directly in the path from the user and the Tree of Life that they are bonded to in the Sylvan Realm). When fired, the user innately knows the best path to follow to find the arrow. Other arrows may be found that are bonded to other Trees of Life, but are limited in use, as at each time they are fired they loose a +1 bonus until they become non-magical. A better use for these arrows is their use as a compass, just pulling them out of the quiver and they instantly point in the direction to their bonded tree. Rumours abound that once a Faedil Arrow arrives to its bonded tree in the Sylvan Realm, the arrow becomes a +5 Arrow of Flight that points towards the original Tree of Life gifted from Ordana in the original Elven Homeland. So these arrows are highly sought after by the Verdier in search of Ordana's Tree.