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Politics of the Fairy Courts

by Francesco Defferrari

The Three Sisters ruled over the Fair Immortals. A Queen of Spring, a Queen of Summer, and a Queen of Twilight. The Queen of Summer had a daughter with the Sun, to mend the wounds of the world. The Sun did not want the wounds to mend, and the daughter was buried deep under the earth. The Queen of Spring had a daughter with the Enemy, to prepare the end of the world. And the Queen of Twilight had a daughter with the Lord of Death, that she could kill her mother, and her father too.
Ancient, haunting fairy song.

In writing my Koskatep series I went in some dephts about the Politics of the Fairy Courts of Mystara, particularly in Level 6 and 9

My story here owes much to Chimpman and RobJN which dwelled quite a bit on the topic in Grondheim and Thorn's Mystara.
The Three Sisters would be Mabel, the Queen of Spring, Elienor, the Queen of Summer, and Morgana or Morganna the Queen of Twilight which from ancient times ruled over the Court of Spring, in Davania, the Court of Summer, in Brun, and the Court of Twilight, in Skothar.
Mabel is my creation, inspired by fairy queen Mab and related Irish mythological queen Medb and placed by me in Threshold issue #5, still the ruler of the Enchanted Realm of Virdin in North Western Davania.
Morgana is clearly inspired by Morgan Le fay and imagined by RobJN as mother of two daughters she had with King Unther of Blackmoor. She may or may not be still alive in Skothar. Chimpman was inclined to have her as the first Troll Queen of Grondheim too, see also this thread.
Elienor was invented by me as the one who had a daughter with Ixion, Ashira, in my Koskatep series, but became the Queen of Winter, aka the leader of the Unseelie Court, or the Dark Fairies, after Ixion imprisoned his own daughter, see Koskatep for a more detailed story.
Therefore the titles of Queen of Summer later passed to Oona and Titania, the daughters of Morgana and Unther, who competed for it. Oona probably become the second Troll Queen after her mother, but was later weakened in a battle with Elienor in Koskatep, and Titania became the Queen of Summer, a title she holds today.
Oona could still be alive, and ready to challenge her sister Titania again, probably hiding somewhere in western Brun. Or, better yet, Morgana could be dead and Oona, now the Queen of Twilight in Skothar, made an Unholy pact with Thanatos, who saved her life, at a terrible price (the fairy queen or Queen of Elphame who gives a tithe to Hell every seven years in some Irish and Scottish stories). Oona had a daughter with Thanatos, Moira, the only creature who could slay Thanatos (a possible adventure seed).
Oberon and Titania have a daughter, Gloriana (protagonist of The Faerie Queene by Edmund Spenser). I would use her as the ruling fairy princess of the Isle of Dawn. Spenser's poem can be used as a treasure trove of adventures for the Isle of Dawn.
Mabel instead had a daughter with Gargantua, which in my campaign was an herald of the original Mother Goddess who preceded the current Immortals, and attributes her mysterious death to them. Gargantua wants nothing less than overthrow the current Immortal Hierarchy. Their daughter could be named Findabair as the mythological daughter of Medb. She could fit well as a fairy princess of the Four Kingdoms of Davania. Yet to see how she would prepare the end of the world

Another entire dimension to Fairy politics could be given by LoZompatore's article in Threshold issue #19, Omens of the Old Ones, where Fairy Rulers appears as Pooka, Sidhe, Centaur and so on. There rulers could be race rulers vassals of the Fairy Queens or superiors to them, as each DM prefers.