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The Clan Domain of Fallersholm

by Jacob Skytte

Fallersholm lies in the centre of the southern part of Noslo Island in the Kingdom of Ostland. It contains five hexes of light forest and two clear hexes. The domain has only a small strip of land with access to the waters of Zea Bay. The domain mostly subsists on hunting in the woods and farming the land near the coast. Fish is imported from nearby domains and there is some small-scale export of wood. Foreigners are accepted, though rare visitors. All Ostlanders are welcome here. Clan Fallersholm does not have any particular areas they are known for raiding, they raid where the whim of their jarl takes them.

Head of Domain: Jarl Karlsefni Garson rules here. His great hall lies in the village of Kirkesdahl.

Population: 9000 people live their lives in Fallersholm. Of these 1300 are thralls, 6200 are non-warrior freemen, and 1500 are warriors. 4000 people carry arms and are able to use them. Thralls are being freed daily in this domain, and many of them have settled here, at least until they can pay for passage to other countries.


The village of Kirkesdahl (470 inhabitants at last count, might be more at present) lies at the edge of the forest. The great hall of Karlsefni lies at the centre, surrounded by a wooden palisade. The village is expanding with farms to the northwest. The lack of access to open water is its major problem, and goods have to travel by ox-cart to neighbouring domains, a difficult feat in harsh weather. The great hall has an outdoor training area, used daily by the household warriors of the jarl. A temple of Thor lies next to the great hall. This temple was there before the village, which takes its name from it (Church Dale).


A small fishing village that is slowly being expanded to a harbour town, Karlshavn (Karl's Harbour) lies on a small strip of land granted to Fallersholm by the domain of Zeamark. 440 people live and work here. Currently the harbour is in its early stages, and fishing vessels are still pulled ashore when returning from Zea Bay.

Karlsefni Garson

Lawful 15th level Fighter (Str 17, Int 15, Wis 11, Dex 9, Con 12, Cha 14, AC 3, hp 55)

Personality Traits: Cautious/Rash 5/15, Generous/Greedy 16/4, Forgiving/Vengeful 15/5, Trusting/Suspicious 16/4, Dogmatic/Open-minded 6/14

39 years old, Gold-streaked red hair and beard, Green eyes

Karlsefni is a good-natured bear of a man, who has always believed in living life to its fullest. This is a trait that he inherited from his parents, both of whom are dead now. His father died while raiding when Karlsefni was 14 years old, and his mother, who had been ruling the clan since then, died of Gnoll's Hepatitis, when he was 20.

Gnoll's Hepatitis

A terrible malady that plagues the Soderfjord Marsh during summers. Symptoms are violent abdominal pains, nausea and convulsions. The afflicted temporarily lose 1 point of Constitution per day until cured. The disease is sometimes fatal.

While Karlsefni mourned his parents, he knew that they had lived their lives to the fullest, and that they wanted him to do the same thing. Karlsefni married Siglinde the Rascal two years later, and has ruled clan Fallersholm with her by his side since then. Most everything Karlsefni does is done impulsively; he is very governed by his emotions.

Nearly a year ago Karlsefni was invited to a private audience with Queen Yrsa the Young, where she told him of her vision of a more modern Ostland. It did not take the queen long to convince Karlsefni that changes were needed if Ostland was to survive. Karlsefni whole-heartedly agreed to free his thralls as an experiment to see whether his domain can successfully survive this transition. He has ordered his subjects to do likewise, causing much trouble, but there are few who dare stand against this renowned fighter. All of Ostland observes Fallersholm closely to see what comes of these new ideas.

When fighting, Karlsefni wears a chain mail+2, and wields a battle axe+2 called "KlÝver" (Cleaver).

Karlsefni is married to Siglinde the Rascal (36) and they have five children: Ogmund Karlsefnison (21), Ingibjorg Siglindesdottir (19), Grani Karlsefnison (17), Hlif Siglindesdottir (14), and Askr Karlsefnison (11).

Siglinde (Lawful F8; Cautious/Rash 7/13, Energetic/Lazy 16/4, Dogmatic/Open-minded 7/13) is an energetic woman, who easily manages the household, raises her children, wields a sword, and supports Karlsefni at the same time. She is known for her mischievous nature, she enjoys playing pranks on everyone around her.

Ingibjorg (Lawful F3; Modest/Proud 7/13, Courageous/Fearful 14/6, Loyal/Unreliable 15/5) is at the Royal Household at the Court of Cnute, where she is one of the shield-maidens. She enjoys proving her worth in defence of king and country.

Grani (Lawful NM; Peaceful/Violent 14/6, Reverent/Godless 14/6, Honest/Deceitful 16/4) is a young man, who was stricken by Brain Rot a few years ago. This has left him simple-minded, but good-natured. He enjoys spending time with the godar (priests), and helps out at the temple of Thor.

Brain Rot

This mysterious sleeping disease breaks out in Soderfjord City every 1-10 years. The victim becomes uncouth and careless, losing 1 point of Intelligence per day, until suddenly keeling over. Even when the affliction is cured, victims never fully recover from the damage to the brain and nervous system.

Hlif (Lawful F1; Cautious/Rash 6/14, Peaceful/Violent 4/16, Courageous/Fearful 17/3) is currently training hard with the sword to some day become a mighty shield-maiden. She enjoys fighting mock battles with her younger brother Askr, and adores her father, who dotes on her.

Ogmund Karlsefnison

Chaotic 4th level Fighter (Str 16, Int 12, Wis 7, Dex 13, Con 13, Cha 11, AC 3, hp 26)

Personality Traits: Cautious/Rash 4/16, Modest/Proud 3/17, Generous/Greedy 3/17, Honest/Deceitful 4/16, Loyal/Unreliable 5/15

21 years old, Red hair, Green eyes

Ogmund looks much like a younger version of his father, but appearances can be deceiving. While Karlsefni enjoys all around him and believes that everybody should be getting the most out of life, Ogmund believes that the only one who should be enjoying himself should be Ogmund. When he was young, a cruel warrior, Hormstein the Flogger, tutored Ogmund. It was from Hormstein that Ogmund learned of pride and ambition, emotions that have ruled him ever since.

Ogmund left Fallersholm five years ago along with Hormstein, entering service on his longship. When Hormstein was killed a year ago, the crew beat up Ogmund when he claimed the ship as his, and threw him overboard. Ogmund has spent this year tracking down the crew and killing them one by one. He recently returned to Fallersholm, where he was appalled to discover that his father is freeing the thralls, and he is now plotting to overthrow Karlsefni and assume command of the clan.

At the moment Ogmund is hanging around seedy taverns in Zeaburg looking for followers to help further his plans. Ogmund particularly hates his mother for playing embarrassing pranks on him, when he was young; he can't stand it when his macho image is ruined. He favours dark clothing, playing up his image of "bad boy."

In battle Ogmund wears a chain mail, carries a shield, and fights with a sword+1 that he calls "Ondetand" (Evil Tooth), but which no skald will recognise yet.

Ogmund isn't married, he wants a wife of high standing, a jarl's daughter, but is certain that he can't win one unless he becomes a jarl himself. In fact he believes that everything will work out fine for him if only he can become a jarl.