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Famous Folks of Mystara

by Jennifer Guerra

This is my "Who's Who" for Mystara. Please note that this list was developed for my campaign, and so is dated accordingly. Feel free to move things around to make them compatible with your own campaign.

I'm also always looking for contributions for the Famous Folks page, so if you have any, please mail them to me *privately*--terms of posting appear on my page, at



Explorers and Adventurers

Edvard Kjellson, 33, Soderfjordan explorer. Recently completed a ten-year survey of the geography, flora, and fauna of extreme NW Norwold.

Hyron Silverwind, 156, Minrothaddan explorer/adventurer. Awed the world last year with the discovery of a 210-carat blue diamond; he won't tell where the mine is, but hints of a legendary find.

Nazario Galdarres, 112, Belcadiz adventurer. Won top prize at Glantri's Monster Fair for a record-breaking, 40' diameter, live black pudding.

Traders and Financiers

Jean-Jacques Chretien, 45, Averoignian economist and financial adviser. This premiere authority on mercantile theory was recently retained by the Minrothaddan government for an undisclosed (but rumoured enormous) sum; he is best known for his idea that one nation can prosper only at the expense of another.

Corun Alson, 36, Darokinian merchant. Enormously successful importer-exporter; not allied with any merchant house. Agitating for an overhaul of the Darokinian system, emphasising private enterprise over house loyalty.

Philosophers and Spiritual Leaders

William Baldwin, 63, Darokinian philosopher. Published "A Treatise on Moral Philosophy," questioning the elite class's objections to charitable causes and its classist attitudes.

Balaputra, age unknown, Sindhi spiritualist. Becoming rapidly popular for his sermons on passive resistance as spiritual warfare and enlightenment through knowledge.

Dexius Sextillius, 40, Thyatian thinker. Radical leader of the new "Thanatian" religious order; teaches that Entropy is the centre of all creation, and hence, the natural order.

Scientists and Mages

Leonidas Domidias, 51, Thyatian anatomist. Has recently gone on the lecture circuit, addressing the topic of medical researched non-magical healing. He is perhaps best known for his treatise on human, demi-human and humanoid anatomies (1013).

Winther Hagen, age unknown, Aalbanese alchemist. Discovered a new, non-magical anaesthetic, called "etheric," made of alcohol and sulphuric acid.

Tattenai, age unknown, Alphatian air mage. Researching the re-design of magical skyships, to incorporate atmospheric-altering spells.

Sages and Scholars

Sarumyn Etheredyl, 735, Vyalian historian. Recently completed the controversial "A History of Languages and Dialects," which proposes that Thyatian is a linguistic descendant of Traldar, via Milenian.

Coenraad Dekevver, 70, Flaemish scholar. Proposed "An Analytical Theory of World-Shield Heat, with Respect to Polar Openings," exploring outer- and inner-world volcanic activity.

Yisun Tumen Dologhan, 86, Lhamsan monk and astrologer. Has assigned different elemental properties and powers to quadrants of the sky; proposes that there is, at any moment, a pure balance of souls divided between the star-signs, to maintain a balance of the elements. Any disruption of the world's ecology (i.e., elements) will destroy its attached souls, and hence, life on Mystara. This theory is quite controversial.


Bartholomew Leudold, 100, gnomish inventor. Has constructed a travelling clock, only 12"x12"x6" and with a small chime which will strike at a selected hour.

Ulanu Poto, 23, Makai roofer. Has developed a metal rod for the conduction of lightning on buildings during storms.

Arsemenes, 31, Minean inventor and mage. Has constructed a diving bell, for use in underwater exploration.

Gamoc Stragglebeard, 179, Rockhome smith. Has invented a machine for stamping out nails from a single cast.

Imma Finebraid, 102, gnomish mage and tinkerer. Has developed a miner's helmet with a permanent light.

Konrad Lazu, 29, Traladaran engineer. Has invented a sand filter of Mirros' new water supply.

Pearce Elsan, 205, Minrothaddan sea captain. has developed a flag-based system of code, called "semaphore," for use of long-distance communication between ships at sea.

Aamir-Abdul Jafir ibn-Mohsin, 37, Ylari physick. Has invented a bandage made with plaster for the bracing for broken bones.

Joseph Urrey, 46, Darokinian carter. Has perfected a slate brake for wagons.

Designers and Craftsmen

Jaralan Felistyr, 360, Aengmor elf engineer. Demonstrated (on a scale model) the principles of a suspension bridge.

Altadonna Cellini, 33, Caurenzian fashion designer. Up-and-coming designer who shocked the haute-couture world with her straight gowns and bare-headed models.

Nils Torwaldsson, 40, Ostlandi smith. Experimenting with iron-plated ships.

Xiang Li-Li, 19, Ochalean shopkeeper and seamstress. Has designed clothing dyed through a screen of silk fibres.


David Halstead, 47, Darokin. "The Influence of a Low Price of Corn on the Profits of Stock."

Maddalena Fantini, 30, Darokin. "The Courtier."

Hartmann Matfried, 54, Hattias. "The Excluded: Hattians and Imperial Law."

Domingo Omero Barrera, 415, Belcadiz. "La Historia Esplenderosa."

Leigh Stannard, 63, Fenswick. "The Book of the Duchesse: A Lady's Guide to Proper Comport."

Miguel de Saavedra, 130, Belcadiz. "Don Quintera."

Hugo Nupipe, 55, Heartshire. "On a Standard Grammar."

Oliver Linton, 58, Darokin. "The Causes of Wealth."

Zindelo Verlyn, 34, Traladara. "Melancholia."

Prominent Artists

Pyotr Reni, 42, Berghdoven. "The D'Este Cycle," 24 paintings on the life of patroness Giovanna D'Este. oil on canvas.

Hermogenes Ducas, 23, Kerendas. "Scenes From the Life of Empress Lucianna." Frescoes.

Titian Blueleaf, 559, Vyalia. "Warrior on Horseback." Sculpture in jet.

Dylen Rainmaker, 24, residence unknown. "Aurora," portrait of Lady Milanda Shiye. Oil on wood.

Tavo Osmossen, 39, Soderfjord. "Odin." Sculpture in wood.

Gian-Carlo Oristano, 25, Darokin. "The Baker's Daughter." Pen and ink.

Lorenzo Alighieri, 18, Darokin. "Duchesa," portrait of Duchess Triona Martino. Oil on canvas.


Albert Heyden, 60, Aalban. Known for dark and ponderous organ pieces; favourite of Prince Jaggar.

Salvian Simocatta, 40, Kerendas. Boisterous and risqué operas; patronised by Caurenzian families of northern Darokin.

Luigi Boccherini, 32, Caurenze. Court composer of Count Anaxibius Torion of Redstone.

Kizzy Jehann, 15, Traladara. Darine master violinist.

Augustin Murillo de Vargas, 356, Belcadiz. Premiere authority on the "guitarra"; pioneering a new style of flamenco.

Msiba Negassi Yavswano, 22, Yavdlom. Wildly popular leader of "Ngisu," a band playing in Mositius and Ierendi City dance clubs; loud, throbbing beat and chanted lyrics.


Naimo Mabarek, 35, Ylari storyteller.

Odriana Wochmann, 41, Aalbanese opera diva.

Ciryon Hierydyl, 182, Vyalian bard and mage.

Zanasanna, age unknown, Alphatian master actress.

Serinde Chossum, 219, Alfheim ballet dancer

Sherion, age unknown, Alphatian court singer.

Alissende Vouchelier-Missons, 20, Averoignian interpretative dancer.

Abana-ta-sherit, 17, Thothian exotic dancer.

Dubraic Stafford, 30, Darokinian stage actor.


Aerandir Brego, age unknown, Emerondian runner. Fastest 100-meter sprint, World Games, 1024.

Borchu of Tajit, 25, Ethengarian horseman. Ran horse "Qulan" to a record win in last year's Kerendan Derby.

Cacius Solonius, 30, Thyatian gladiator. Undefeated in 73 matches.

Seved Jordsson, 43, Vestlandi smith. Weight-lifting champion (535 lbs.), 1024 World Games.