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Almanac Format

This section lists the names of important people at any given entry. The format is as follows:

Name and title or occupation, race, gender, class/level, description, detailed abilities. Note that the level of description varies with each character, from a basic listing to an in depth entry.

We at the Mystaran Almanac endeavour to be at the forefront of innovation and make the almanac as convenient as possible. This is why I must touch upon our using the latest in the codification of people's skills. Throughout its existence the almanac series has used various such codifications, with each evolution an effort to simplify and clarify the readability of the talents possessed by the various rulers, heroes and villains that are prominent in our beloved world of Mystara, and which as such are the main contenders in the Mystaran Almanacs. Although our goal is to make things more convenient for you, the reader, we realise that it may also be confusing at times.

There are several codifications in use to represent the abilities of people. Most unfortunately, not everyone uses the same system, and old classifications are still strongly in use. Moreover, each system has many, many variants. Let's review the main variants, which at one time or another were all used in the almanac series.

The oldest known system is retroactively called "zeroeth" edition (0E), though it is also occasionally called original edition (typically by Alphatian scholars) or old edition (typically by Thyatian scholars), with the more neutral zeroeth being used by, well, the more neutral scholars. There never was a first edition (1E), or it was totally lost to time and decay; some sages speculate to its existence, but then the civilisation that would have used it would have disappeared without a trace. We also have no knowledge of prior systems, like that which much have existed at the time of fabled Blackmoor or even earlier. 0E is a nice, simple system, brought to Mystara by the Alphatians two millennia ago; it was originally used by Alphatian wizards to rank themselves without duelling. It is used throughout the Alphatian Empire and in Glantri, and is also used by many sages of the Old World and beyond. It was used in the Poor Wizard's Almanacs for the years AC 1010 and 1011.

This system has endured despite the introduction of the second edition (2E) by the Thyatians shortly after the crowning of their first emperor. At the time, the Thyatians argued that the Alphatian system was too simplistic and could not be used to fully describe every combination of talents and abilities; it is likely, though, that this was yet another weaving of theirs to put themselves apart from their former masters in their efforts to forge a Thyatian identity and to build their empire. In any case, the Thyatian sages and bureaucrats created a complicated system that was supposed to have the capacity of codifying any person's abilities, though 2E had to be tweaked a lot through the centuries to accomplish that. This system is used throughout the Thyatian Empire where it almost completely replaced 0E, and is also used by many sages in the Old World and beyond, though it never quite picked up in Alphatia where it was deemed too cumbersome. It was used in the Poor Wizard's Almanac for the year AC 1012 and in Joshuan's Almanac for the year AC 1013, as well as in the Mystaran Almanacs for the years AC 1014 to 1018 (this year).

When he ascended the throne after the death of his father, Emperor Eusebius commanded-along several other reforms in various fields such as taxes, the army, and others-the complete revision and simplification of the second edition. The result was called third edition (3E). It is a very new system that incorporates the simplicity of 0E (2E had gone far from 0E in a probably deliberate attempt to dissociate things Thyatian from things Alphatian) yet allows for flexibility and the thoroughness of 2E. Time will tell if this system keeps its promise, but already it is replacing 2E in the Thyatian Empire (and is spreading to the rest of the Old World and beyond at a slower, though probably inexorable, rate); what speaks most in favour of 3E however is the fact that it is increasingly adopted by Alphatian sages, even in the Hollow World, and the mysterious organisation known as the Lighthouse is rumoured to be considering switching to 3E as well. It was used partially (alongside 2E) in the Mystaran Almanacs for the years AC 1017 and 1018 (this year).

Thus this edition of the almanac, for the year AC 1018, uses both 2E and 3E, as we-like many-are still in the process of converting our files from 2E to 3E. We are stuck at an early stage of the process, though, even as we are preparing to publish this year's almanac, so like last year most of the capsules will be presented in the prior system, which is 2E. 2E codification can be recognised as it follows this representation:

Class/level is presented in the form of a letter (or more) followed by a number, such as F6 or T12. The number indicates level, while the letter represents the class according to the following legend (in 2E terms):

F = Fighter

M = Mage

Pa = Paladin

M(ab) = Abjurer

R = Ranger

M(co) = Conjurer

T = Thief

M(di) = Diviner

B = Bard

M(en) = Enchanter

C = Cleric

M(il) = Illusionist

Pr = Priest

M(in) = Invoker

Pr(dr) = Druid

M(ne) = Necromancer

Pr(cr) = Crusader

M(tr) = Transmuter

Pr(de) = Defender

WD = Witch-Doctor

Pr(mk) = Monk


Entries in 3E format can be recognised as they follow this representation:

Class/level is presented in the form of three letters followed by a number, such as Ftr6 or Rog12. The number indicates level, while the letters represent the class according to the following legend (in 3E terms):

Ftr = Fighter

Wiz = Wizard

Pal = Paladin

Abj = Abjurer

Rgr = Ranger

Cjr = Conjurer

Rog = Rogue

Div = Diviner

Brd = Bard

Enc = Enchanter

Bur = Buraiya

Evo = Evoker

Clr = Cleric

Ill = Illusionist

Drd = Druid

Nec = Necromancer

Mnk = Monk

Tra = Transmuter

Bbn = Barbarian

Sor = Sorcerer

Ari = Aristocrat


In addition, for ease of distinction, entries in 3E format are marked "(3E)" after the class/level.

Belzamith Fingertackles.

Most Distinguished Dead

People who died last year.

Alexandra Kralomene, Courtesan and Former Wife of Senator Aemilian Cratides in Thyatis.

Murdered Sviftmont 4 by the infamous Mincer.

Archibald Shaw, Member of Parliament for the Mining Town of Lichfield in Bellayne.

Found dead on Nuwmont 5 in his house. Shaw was a particularly old rakasta, so his death was not a great surprise among the locals.

Balàzs Khuen, Rebel Monzag Wizard-King.

Killed Sviftmont 1 by the Master's nomad allies during the last efforts of the Monzag resistance against Hule.

Caracanomnos, Emperor of Milenia.

Executed Kaldmont 28, after the Red Sun returned and trapped him in the imperial palace.

Colwys-Hinton, Brigadier of the 3rd Reserve in Bellayne.

Killed Sviftmont 5 in a trap set up by the parliamentarian forces in the city of Norchester, which the royalist force led by Edgwinton.

Euriale Korrigan, Wife of Senator Georgos Korrigan in Thyatis.

Murdered Sviftmont 17 by her husband, who was clumsily trying to copycat Iacobus the Mincer.

Gallia Pulchera, Wealthy Widow in Thyatis.

Died Sviftmont 9.

Iacobus Tanopularus (a.k.a. The Mincer), Murderer in Thyatis.

Executed Kaldmont 11 for murders due to inhumanity.

Istakhr, Makistani Sorcerer in Ylaruam.

Killed Nuwmont 12 in a magical battle.

Tarik ben Nadir, Duke (Sheik) of Tel Akbir in Thyatis.

Died Nuwmont 2 at age 82.

Thesius Palakratidos, Member of the Kastelian Assembly.

Strangled Nuwmont 26 in his home.

Wazor, Court Mage of Baron Maltus Fharo in Two Lakes Vale.

Assassinated Fyrmont 15.

Most Illustrious Monarchs

The world's most important rulers: emperors and empresses, kings and queens, or their equivalents.

Acroshiye, King of Shiye-Lawr.

Elf, male, F10/M11.

Adronius, Emperor of Milenia.

Human, male, normal man.

Aiklin, King of Aeria, General of Aeria, Headmaster of the University in Aeria.

Human, male, M20.

Al-Belak, Southern King in Nithia.

Human, male, T12.

Andrei III, Tsar of Zuyevo.

Human, male, F16.

Asteriela Torion, Exarcha/Queen of Heldun.

Human, female, M13.

Awkaraal, King of Greenkhlaawdaa.

Hydrax, male.

Belgoroth the Lamer, King of Blackheart.

Human, male, Pr14 of Jammudaru.

Bensarian of Kevar, Prince-Regent of Wendar.

Human, male, M9.

Bergeya, Queen of Icevale.

Elf, female, M13.

Bergthor Haraldson, King of Vestland.

Human, male, F11.

Bifric III, King of Kogolor.

Dwarf, male, F12.

Brunnkarth, King of Frosthaven.

Frost giant, male, F13.

Buthra Bofadar, Queen of Stoutfellow.

Dwarf, female, F12.

Catriata, Queen of Schattenalfheim.

Elf, female, F10/M10/Pr8 of Atzanteotl.

Chandra ul Nervi, Rajadhiraja of Sind.

Human, male.

Christina Marie Alanira, Queen of Alpha.

Human, female, M13.

Corwyn Mauntea, Chancellor of Darokin.

Human, male, T6.

Corydon, King of Notrion.

Human, male, M14.

Daunidel Belfadil, Elven King of Brasov.

Elf, male F11/M11.

Dessai, Centaur King of Chevalle.

Centaur, male, F14.

Detteria Scarback, Queen of Arogansa.

Human, female, M19.

Dinaria, Empress of Selhomarr.

Human, female, Dr3.

Diviloplop, Emperor of Twaelar.

Merrow, male, Pr16 of Protius.

Drushiye, King of Limn.

Elf, male, F9/M10.

Edjer the Twisted, King of Frisland.

Human, male, M17.

Elarianthas Blackblade, King of Nordalfheim.

Elf, male, F10/M15.

Eraw, King of the Kubitts.

Kubitt, male, F10.

Eriadna, Empress of the Alphatian Empire, Queen of Vertiloch, Queen of Alphas'ar.

Human, female, M20.

Ericall, King of Alpha.

Human, male, F20.

Elshethara, Queen of Ambur.

Human, female, M16.

Eusebius Torion, Emperor of Thyatis.

Human, male, F16.

Everast XVI, King of Rockhome.

Dwarf, male, F15.

Favian Vern, President of Esterhold.

Human, male.

Finn Hordson, King of Ostland.

Human, male, F6.

Gratia, Queen of Surshield.

Human, female, M14.

Hassam "the True" al-Kalim, Sultan of Ylaruam.

Human, male, Ftr9(3E).

Hubertek, King and General of Meriander.

Human, male, F20.

Idon II, King of Eadrin.

Elf, male, F9/M10.

Igilbolb, Empress of Twaelar.

Merrow, female, T15.

Iyxis XXXIV, King/Emperor of Thonia.

Human, male, Pr16 of Ixion.

James II, King of Bellayne.

Son of Queen Catherine I, rakasta, male, F5 Noble.

Jerem Rhody, King of Emerond.

Emerondian, male, D16.

Jibada Yavswano, Mokuba (Ruler) of Yavdlom.

Human, male, F7.

Kaarlo Taavinen, King of Kaarjala.

Human, male, F18.

Kalakaua, King / Tribal Chief of the Makai.

Human, male, F9.

Karatnora, Queen of Randel.

Human, female.

Kasumi, Queen of Ekleke.

Demonette, female, Pr12 of Geima (Diulanna).

Katamvos (Khatambe) XXXIX, King of Hrissopoli.

Rakasta, male, F18.

Khnemet-urt, Delta King in Nithia.

Human, male, Pr9 of Pflarr.

Kikania, Queen of Foresthome.

Human, female, M12.

Koblan Dracodon, King of Stonewall.

Human, male, M15.

Koriktodeva Raya, Grand Mogul of Shahjapur.

Human, male, F20.

Korolo Togoro, King of the Tanagoro.

Human, male, F17.

Korudon, King of Minaea.

Human, male, F8.

Koryn the Harpist, King of Ne'er-do-well.

Human, male, T20.

Kouffour III, King of Tangor, Emperor of the Tangors.

Human, male, F18.

Kryndylya, Queen of Haven.

Human, female, Pr20 of Alphatia.

Laila, Queen of Littonia.

Human, female, Pr3 of Daina (Ordana).

Landryn Teriak (a.k.a. the Shadow Lord), Overlord of Denagoth.

Vassalich, male, M14.

Llynara, Queen of Bettellyn.

Human, female, M17.

Lucianna Torion, Empress of Thyatis.

Human, female, B9.

Mellora, Queen of Limn.

Dryad, female.

Miosz II, Margrave of Slagovich.

Human, male, F5 Noble.

Mojambo, King of Ekleke.

Human, male, F10.

Monpac the Sunwatcher, King of the Oltecs.

Human, male, Pr14 of Otzitiotl.

Myrina, Empress of Milenia.

Human, female, Pr18 of Matera.

Norlan, King of Qeodhar.

Human, male, F15.

Olivia Karameikos, Queen of Karameikos.

Human, female, T12.

Otziltipac, Tlatoani of the Azcans.

Human, male, F18.

Qinn, King of Arkan.

Human, male, M11.

Qissling, King of Floating Arkan.

Human, male, M19.

Quicklimn, King of Hillvale, General of Hillvale.

Human, male, M9.

Ragnar the Stout, King of Soderfjord.

Human, male, F17.

Ramenhotep XXIV, Pharaoh of Thothia.

Human, male, Pr10 of Rathanos.

Ramose IV, Pharaoh of Nithia.

Human, male, Pr16 of Rathanos.

Rathyka, Queen of the Jennites.

Human, female, Dr15.

Reston of Akesoli, King of Ierendi.

Human, male, F16.

Rollodir, King of Icevale.

Elf, male, F12.

Shaedrik Divotfoot, Sheriff of Leeha.

Hin, male, F9.

Siaron Lagrius, Queen of Lagrius.

Human, female, M13.

Sieger von Duwn, King of Siegeria.

Human, male, M20.

Sildreth II, King of Greenspur.

Human, male, C15.

Stefan Karameikos III, King of Karameikos.

Human, male, F15.

Stillian, Queen of Trikelios.

Human, female, M19.

Szabo II, King of Brasov.

Human, male, F13.

Tamaris, Emperor of Selhomarr.

Human, male, F12.

Tanadaleyo, Radiant Princess of Aengmor.

Elf, female, F14/M13.

Telemon, Radiant King of the Shadow Elves' Territories.

Elf, male, F13/M15.

Teskilion, King and General of Dawnrim.

Human, male, F13.

The Master of Hule.

Presumed to be a human, male, Pr20 of Bozdogan.

The Mother of Us All, Matriarch of All of Malpheggi.

Maybe a mythical figure.

Thelekari, Dowager Empress of Thonia.

Human, female, Pr18 of Ixion.

Throfar Strongarm, King of Gråbjerge.

Dwarf, male, F11/M5.

Trikard, King of Neatharm.

Human, male, Pr11 of Razud.

Tristan, King of Ekto, General of Ekto.

Human, male, F17.

Trudar, King of the Jennites.

Human, male, F15.

Uldis VI, King of Littonia.

Human, male, F16.

Verdis Queen/Empress of Thonia.

Human, female, M13.

Verothrics, King of Veroth.

Human, male, M18.

Villiun, King of Horken.

Human, male, Pr19 of Alphatia.

Wulf von Klagendorf, Oberherr of Heldann.

Human, male, Pr19 of Vanya.

Zalmontis, Queen and General of the Kubitts.

Kubitt, female, F13.

Zhoher Yezcham, Shah-an-shah of Yezchamenid.

Human, male, M1.

Zynnia, Queen of Aquas.

Human/mermaid, female, M6.

Most Eminent Ruling Nobles

Local rulers or kings and queens of lesser nations.

Adik de Chevas, Baron of Chevas.

Human, male, M19.

Alexandra Patrizio, Duchess of Lucinius.

Human, female, Rake9.

Allisa Patrician, Countess of the Free Plains.

Human, female, F15.

Anaxibius Torion, Count of Redstone.

Human, male, F20.

Andian, Tyrant of Sinbay in Minaea.


Angus McGregor, Prince of Klantyre in Glantri.

Human, male.

Arcadius, Baron of Arcadia.

Human, male, M20.

Azartan Cemirtus, Zatrap of Hattas in Yezchamenid.

Human, male, T9.

Babrak Biazzan, Count of Biazzan.

Human, male, F15.

Baldassare Patrizio, Duke of Lucinius.

Human, male, Pr15 of Vanya.

Balthazar de Montejo y Aranjuez, Barón of Saragón.

Human, male, M12.

Bardeen Longwalker, Baron of Nordenhafen.

Human, male, F15.

Barkal the Red, Chieftain in Ublaat-nor.

Human, male, F13.

Basileios Zarides, Lord of Krakov.

Basileios was a corrupt Thyatian official who was forced to flee during Emperor Eusebius's governmental purges of AC 1013. Just before his illegal activities were exposed, he sought political asylum in Karameikos, posing as a wrongly persecuted noble. Since then, he has managed to bribe and connive his way into the ranks of Karameikan nobility. Born: AC 979. Hair: Black. Height: 6' 4". Eyes: Blue. Zarides is a tall rail of a man, constantly pale from lack of exposure to the sun and illness.

Human male Ftr1/Rog3(3E): hp 18; Init -1; Spd 30; AC 9 (Dexterity penalty); Atks +3 melee (1d6/crit x2, short sword); SA Sneak attack +1d6; SD Uncanny dodge, Evasion; SV Fort +1, Ref +4, Will +2; AL LE; Str 11, Dex 9, Con 7, Int 16, Wis 13, Cha 15.

Languages: Alasiyan, Ochalean, Thyatian (Thyatian dialect).

Equipment: Circlet of persuasion.

Skills: Bluff +6, Climb +4, Decipher Script +2, Diplomacy +3, Forgery +2, Gather Information +3, Handle Animal +4, Hide +2, Innuendo +3, Jump +4, Listen +2, Move Silently +2, Open Lock +2, Read Lips +2, Ride +4, Search +2, Sense Motive +2, Swim +4.

Feats: Alertness, Lightning Reflexes, Skill Focus: Bluff, Weapon Focus: Short Sword.

Batu, Khan of the Bortaks in Ethengar.

Human, male, Ftr11(3E).

Beriak, Duke of Draken.

Human, male, M17.

Bethany Ersenbal, Countess of Ersenbal.

Human, female, T17.

Biko M'tala, President of Durhan.

Human, male, Rake11.

Brogahn, Baron of Ublaat-nor.

Human, male, F15.

Callastian Retebius, Duke of Retebius.

Human, male, Rake16.

Carlotina Erewan, Princess of Erewan in Glantri.

Elf, female.

Carnelia de Belcadiz y Fedorias, Princess of Belcadiz in Glantri.

Elf, female.

Celia, Marquise of Panteria.

Human, female, T20.

Coiger de Mory, Baron of Mory.

Human, male, Pr17 of Rathanos.

Coltius Torion, Count of Carytion and Prince in Thyatis.

Human, male, B6.

Crístobal "El Barbudo" Bigotillos y Copetez, Señor of Guadalante.

Human, male, R10 Local Hero.

Dalia Salieri Actavia, Countess of Actius.

Human, female, Rake 9.

Deitica Baralius, Governor-General of Septentriona.

Human, female, F13.

Delune Darkeyes, Sheriff of Heartshire in the Five Shires.

Hin, female, F8.

Demetius Vannopolus, Count of Machetos.

Human male, F16.

Derentarius, Archduke of Terentias.

Human, male, T18.

Desel Leafbower, Leafbower Clanmaster in the Foresthomes.

Elf, male, R15.

Diablerus I, Baron of Redhorn.

Diabolus, male, M10/F5.

Dilynne, King of Scovery (a.k.a. Red Fox City) in Elo Goblands.

Hobgoblin, male, F12.

Dimitri Dikhoff, Baron of Dikhoff.

Human, male, F15.

Djemun, Nomarch of Menkara in Nithia.

Human, female, T15.

Djomel Tirruk, Zatrap of Midan in Yezchamenid.

Human, male, M11.

Dolores Hillsbury, Princess of Fenswick in Glantri.

Human, female.

Dracolish, Gremlish Chief in Stamtral.

Human, male.

Drisana Madhar, Rani of Jalawar in Sind.

Human, female, M9.

Duriel II, King of Dain-Karak in Minaea.

Dwarf, male, F11.

Durifern Widefarer, Clanmaster in Denagoth.

Elf, male, R16.

Eleya Moonstalker, Horse Clan Chieftainess in Atruaghin.

Human, female, F10.

Eratkar Kasusu, Zatrap of Mebirush in Yezchamenid.

Human, male, Pr11 of Edad (Thor).

Eyvind the Odd, Jarl in Vestland.

Human rumoured to be a half-elf, male, Pr11 of Odin.

Fergus, Baron of Sonnenfeld.

Human, male, F15.

Gallia Biazzan, Countess of Biazzan.

Human, female, F7.

Gard Rocktooth, Clanmaster of Kildorkak.

Dwarf, male, F12.

Geraldan Actavius, Count of Actius.

Human, male, F16.

Gerwen, Mayor and Seneschal in Ersenbal.

Human, male, F5.

Ghazan, Khan of the Taijits in Ethengar.

Human, male, Ftr7(3E).

Gilla Blyskarats, Countess of Buhrohur.

Dwarf, female, Pr12 of Kagyar.

Gulbuddin Marzik, Zatrap of Uvaraz in Yezchamenid.

Human, male, F10.

Guthorm Brittle-Bone, Jarl in Soderfjord.

Human, male, F15.

Handlebar Emilio, Pirate-King of Puerto Morillos and Captain of the Black Raven in the Merry Pirate Seas.

Human, male, F12.

Hara Rudraksha, Maharajah of Peshmir.

Eldest son of the Maharajah of Kadesh, Hara was groomed nearly from birth to join the ranks of the buraiyas. Keenly aware of his father's coldly pragmatic interests in his son, Hara grew to be a bitter, cruel man. Since the birth of his daughter in AC 1010, Hara's spirit has begun to lighten. Though he is still far from benevolent, his cruelty has tempered somewhat. His change of attitude, however, has put him at odds with his father and the cult of the buraiyas. Born: AC 980. Hair: Black. Height: 5' 11". Eyes: Green. Hara wears his dark hair short, and keeps a trim moustache. His right cheek bears a severe burn mark, legacy of a childhood punishment by his father.

Male human Ftr9/Bur3/Rog1(3E): HD 9d10+4d6+26; hp 89; Init +3; Spd 20 ft.; AC 16 (Dexterity penalty, scale mail +1, ring of protection +2); Atks +17/+12/+7 melee (1d6+7/crit 18-20 x2, unholy scimitar +2), or +16/+11/+6 melee (1d4+4/crit 15-20 x2, kukri +1 of wounding); SA Sneak attack +1d6; SV Fort +9, Ref +7, Will +4; AL CN (E tendencies); Str 16, Dex 9, Con 15, Int 14, Wis 11, Cha 16.

Languages: Sindhi, Thyatian (Darokinian dialect).

Equipment: Amulet of proof against detection and location, kukri +1 of wounding, ring of protection +2, scale mail +1, unholy scimitar +2.

Skills: Climb +5, Disguise +3, Gather Information +3, Handle Animal +3, Hide +10, Intimidate +8, Jump +4, Knowledge (Nobility) +2, Knowledge (Religion) +4, Move Silently +10, Ride +4, Sense Motive +3.

Feats: Blind-Fight, Death Blow, Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Kukri, Improved Critical: Kukri, Improved Initiative, Improved Unarmed Strike, Point Blank Shot, Two Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus: Scimitar, Weapon Focus: Kukri, Weapon Specialisation: Scimitar.

Spells: Currently, Hara Rudraksha does not receive spells from Kala. If his alignment should ever return to CE, he will cast spells as a 3rd level buraiya (-/1).

Harald of Haaskinz, Prince of Sablestone and Grand Master of the School of Magic in Glantri.

Human, male.

Heinrich Niederhaus, Baron of Ossian and Grand Knight of the Order of the Ash Rod in Ossian.

Human, male, Pa10 of Odin.

Helga Schonberg, Landmeister of Heldland.

Human, female, Pr12 of Vanya.

Helmut Jaschke, Count of Wolkenburg.

Human, male, F12.

Hermann Adalard, Landmeister of Oceansend in Heldland.

Human, male, Pr(cr)9 of Vanya.

Hessuarveeum the Gold, Earl of the Lawful Dragons in Wyrmsteeth.

Ancient gold dragon, male, 22HD.

Holva Firestorm, Exarcha of Westrourke.

Human, female, T13.

Huaji, Khan of the Kaeruts in Ethengar.

Human, male, Ftr15(3E).

Hugo "El Despiadado" de Narvaez y Montoya, Barón of Narvaez.

Human, male, Pr(cr)15 of Ixion War Priest.

Hugues Leget, Bourgmestre of Nouvelle-Renardie.

Lupin (Eusdrian bulldog), male, F10 Myrmidon.

Hulagu, Khan of the Uighurs in Ethengar.

Human, male, Ftr16(3E).

Ian Aronal, King of Tesla in Minaea.

Human, male, F11.

Iarkainnun, Baron of the Estate of Malevolence in Blackheart.

In his youth the baron was a striking male specimen, and quite proud of the fact. His body was lean and toned, his features chiselled, and his shocking red hair like a royal crown upon his head. Being an ambitious man, the baron quickly made enemies, some of which even survive today. Unknown to him, one of those enemies placed a powerful curse on him. Slowly over time his body deteriorated. His skin became pallid and sickly and his body began to retain fat. Nothing he did could stop his transformation. The baron covered up his inability to rid himself of the curse by adopting habits that could account for his quickly growing girth. Watching Iarkainnun eat is enough to turn the hardiest of stomachs. Now the baron is a corpulent pustule of a human being. The only way that he can support his obese form is through magical support items that grant him the powers of levitation and limited flight.

Iarkainnun keeps a residence in Shraek, as well as on at the royal court. He enjoys the discomfort that his very presence inflicts upon others when he goes to visit. The baron does this often in order to keep up on imperial politics. Unlike many of his fellow Blackheartians he has a healthy appetite for matters of the state. While at his Estate of Malevolence the baron pursues his other favourite pastimes-tormenting innocent souls, and practicing a unique blend of necromancy and fire-related magics.

Clan Traedyis (of Shiye-Lawr) has been a thorn in the side of the baron's family for generations. He hates them with a passion, and although he has not been able to move against them openly he spends vast amounts of time plotting their destruction.

Human, male, Wiz13(3E).

Ioannes Rosattas, Lord of Verge.

Ioannes was a successful officer of the Thyatian Ministry of Trade for many years, before overzealous investigators wrongfully seized his properties and imprisoned him and members of his family. The corrupt officials were eventually caught by Emperor Eusebius, and Rosattas exonerated, but not before he managed to escape Thyatis and claim asylum in Karameikos. Since then, the disaffected Rosattas has elected to stay in the kingdom, and was recently granted the dominion of Verge. Born: AC 975. Hair: Blond, now grey. Height: 5' 3". Eyes: Green. A childhood bout of kobold flu has left Rosattas with severe arthritis.

Male human Ari5(3E): HD 5d8+5; hp 24; Init -3; Spd 30; AC 8 (Dexterity penalty, ring of protection +1); Atks +3 melee (1d4/crit 19-20, dagger); SV Fort +2, Ref -2, Will +8; AL LN; Str 10, Dex 5, Con 12, Int 15, Wis 14, Cha 16.

Languages: Thyatian (Karameikan dialect), Traladaran, Elvish (Vyalia dialect).

Equipment: Ring of protection +1, cloak of elvenkind.

Skills: Appraise +8, Bluff +5, Diplomacy +8, Gather Information +7, Innuendo +5, Listen +6, Read Lips +6, Ride +4, Sense Motive +7.

Feats: Iron Will, Skill Focus: Diplomacy, Skill Focus: Appraise.

Isidore d'Ambreville, Princess of Nouvelle Averoigne in Glantri.

Human, female.

Jaggar von Drachenfels, Prince of Aalban in Glantri.

Human, male.

Jamila ben Nadir, Duchess of Tel Akbir.

Human, female, T12.

Janick Essecki, Count of Valeryia in Klagorst.

Human, male, F12.

Jemugu, Khan of the Yakkas in Ethengar.

Human, male, Ftr8(3E).

Joam Astlar, Sheriff of Seashire in the Five Shires.

Hin, male, F9.

John of the Wain, "Duke" of Cimarron.

Human, male, Pa15 Honourbound.

Jozef Drulovic, Duke of Vrancea in Klagorst.

Human, male, F10.

Juliana Vlaardoen, Princess of Bergdhoven in Glantri.

Human, female.

Kabir Rudraksha, Maharajah of Kadesh.

The maharajah once hoped to expand his dominion by marrying his son off to the daughter of the Maharajah of Peshmir and then assassinating him. Unfortunately, son Hara didn't play along with the plan. The two men are now bitter enemies, and their dominions are embroiled in vicious civil war. Kabir is secretly the patron and leader of the buraiyas. Born: AC 957. Hair: Black, shaved bald. Height: 6' 1". Eyes: Grey. Though aging, Rudraksha's dark eyebrows and short beard continue to give him a sinister look that is effective in intimidating his underlings.

Male human Bur10/Rog7(3E): HD 17d6-7; hp 54; Init +5; Spd 30; AC 19 (Dexterity bonus, amulet of natural armour +4, padded armour +3); Atks +16/+11/+6 melee (1d4+1/crit 18-20, assassin's kukri +2), or +15/+10/+5 ranged (1d8/crit 19-20, light crossbow +2 of distance); SA sneak attack +9d6, death attack (DC 22), Spells; SD Uncanny Dodge, Evasion; SV Fort +4, Ref +13, Will +10; AL LE; Str 9, Dex 13, Con 8, Int 16, Wis 20, Cha 16.

Languages: Sindhi, Thyatian (Darokinian dialect), Hulean.

Equipment: Amulet of natural armour +4, assassin's kukri +2, light crossbow +2 of distance, padded armour +3, ring of mind shielding, ring of regeneration.

Skills: Balance +4, Bluff +8, Climb +3, Concentration +2, Decipher Script +2, Diplomacy +4, Disable Device +4, Disguise +7, Escape Artist +6, Forgery +6, Gather Information +12, Hide +12, Innuendo +5, Intimidate +8, Knowledge (Nobility) +3, Knowledge (Religion) +15, Listen +5, Move Silently +12, Open Lock +3, Read Lips +4, Search +3, Sense Motive +7, Spot +3, Tumble +2, Use Rope +2.

Feats: Alertness, Improved Initiative, Point Blank Shot, Silent Spell, Still Spell, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus: Kukri.

Spells: -/4/3/3/2.

Kjodar Triudar's Son, Chieftain of Kiefstut in Antalia.

Human, male, F16.

Kol, Prince of New Kolland in Glantri.

Kobold, male.

Kulu Pomba, Governor of Akuba.

Human, male, F7.

Kwangu M'boma, Tyrant of Batu-Fomba in Minaea.

Human, male, T15.

Leilah ben Nadir, Exarcha of the Thyatian Hinterlands.

Human, female, Pr19 of Tarastia.

Leonidas Ruggiero, Duke of Kantrium.

Human, male, F15.

Lidial Almashiye, Almashiye Clanmaster in the Elms.

Elf, female, Pr10 of Eiryndul.

Longtooth, Baron of Latela.

Human, male, T15.

Lyra Furmenglaive, Countess of Furmenglaive.

Human/werewolf, female, Pr20 of Protius.

Maeragh Littlelaughs, Sheriff of Eastshire in the Five Shires.

Hin, female, F8.

Malachie du Marais, Prince of Morlay-Malinbois in Glantri.

Human, male.

Maldinius Kerendas, Duke of Kerendas.

Human, male, F20.

Maltus Fharo, Baron of Two Lakes Vale.

Human, male, F13.

Manghai, Khan of the Murkits in Ethengar.

Human, male, Ftr10(3E).

Marie Kendach, Countess of Kendach.

Human, female, F9.

Markus Achresk, Baron of Fewalskij in Klagorst.

Human, male, M12.

Martigan Ersenbal, Count of Ersenbal.

Human, male, F20. Currently missing.

Maximilian, Baroness of Wyrmhart.

Human, female, T12.

Maximiliano de Almarrón y Escudor, Barón of Almarrón.

Human, male, F9 Noble.

Maximus I, Baron of Swordcoast.

Human, male, F15.

Meghan the Gaunt, Viscountess of Furfield in Bellayne.

Rakasta, female, F8 Honourbound.

Mealidan Mealidil, Mealidil Clanmaster in Darokin.

Elf, male, M11.

Mehmet II, Baron of Garganin.

Human, male, F7.

Mitasula Retebius, Duchess of Retebius.

Human, female, M18.

Moghul Khan, Khan of Dast in Orcland.

Yellow orc rumoured to be a devil swine, male, F9.

Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany, Prince of Boldavia in Glantri.

Human, male.

Mortimer the Defiant, Earl of Penwick in Bellayne.

Rakasta, male, F11 Noble.

Mursillis Labinitas, Zatrap of Zrakan in Yezchamenid.

Human, male, M12.

Mzilikazi (a.k.a. The Count), Lord in Limn.

Vampire, male.

Na-Do, Chief of the Fang Cave Clan of the Brute-Men.

Male, brute-man, F9.

Naravipa Dagger Tooth, Tiger Clan King in Atruaghin.

Human, male, F17.

Necco the Black, Pirate-King of Baraga in the Merry Pirate Seas.

Human, male, F9.

Nevik, Duke of Vyolstagrad.

Human, male, F9.

Ney, Archduke of Chitine.

Furmy, male, F17.

Furmies are bipedal, humanoid equivalent of normal ants. They normally live together in "anthills," called colonies. Furmies are asexual; the queen only lays eggs that are hatched into mature furmies according to the colony's needs (the eggs need one year before they can be hatched, but can then be stored indefinitely). The first eggs laid (generally between a couple and a half-dozen) are queen eggs, while all other eggs are normal furmies.

A furmy's eyes are multi-faceted like those of a fly, granting it 60' infravision and a 360° vision. Its chitinous carapace grants it a natural AC of 4, while its four upper limbs allows it to wield a wide variety of weapons and shields (most warrior furmies are ambidextrous and can use a great variety of tactics with perfect dexterity). Furmies are resistant to spells and poison (+1 to saves), and have a 90% resistance to charms. Furmies can communicate empathically with each other when within 60', or telepathically when in contact through their antennae. A furmy can double its movement rate by running on its six limbs.

Furmies have a tremendous sense of loyalty toward their queen and their colony, for which they will typically sacrifice their lives. This does not mean that furmies have no personality and are mechanical, instinct-driven creatures like ants; quite the contrary, just that their values would appear alien to most sentient creatures. Most furmies are of Loyal alignment, and in fact eggs are normally screened for chaotic tendencies before hatching-and eggs that would bear potentially unstable individuals are destroyed mercilessly. Each furmy is born with its future decided for it in advance; the colony provides it with all it needs, including training for its position in the society. Most furmies are simple workers (farmer, craftsman, etc.), some are warriors, while some are bred for wizardry or priesthood or other important positions; thus, furmies of all classes and levels can be encountered. A furmy's life span is about 100 years; queens generally live about 500 years.

All furmies have an instinctive fear of water, and will avoid crossing seas and oceans, or even smaller bodies if water-there is no known furmy sailors. They also fear fire. Because of their strange appearance and behaviour, furmies will generally have a hard time meshing with other races-but that is something they rarely do anyway. Due to their physiology, they cannot speak the humanoid languages without a very strong accent (generally described as chopped and clicking, but the differences are actually more fundamental). Because of their nature, furmies have a hard time grasping various concepts like money, property, poverty, trade, fame, sex, love, family, lie, treachery, treason, often causing them to make major blunders (more often than not at their own expense, but they rarely even realise it).

Furmies are not native to Mystara, but from another world where insect-like creatures are the dominant form of sentient life. One colony accidentally came to Mystara long ago, and though it is very rare, some of its members can sometimes be encountered. The exact location of the Mystaran colony is a secret no furmy will reveal to any non-furmy. The furmies worship the Immortal Furmy, allegedly the only furmy to have ever reached immortality, and the founder of their society as an orderly one. Though not native to Mystara and mostly uninvolved in its politics, Furmy grants spells to Its Mystaran priests.

Nilas Dowalski, Count of Gask in Klagorst.

Human, male, F14.

Nisir Suun, Zatrap of Pazarkan in Yezchamenid.

Human, male, F5.

Nurokidu Nuar, Exarch of the Pearl Islands.

Human, male, T20.

Oda Elsasdottir, Jarl in Ostland.

Human, female, F7.

Odarit Muztasir, Zatrap of Chura in Yezchamenid.

Human, male, F14.

Ogzar, Overlord of Erech in Minaea.

Minotaur, male, F12.

Omar al-Kalim, Emir of Tameronikas.

Human, male.

Oran Meditor, Exarch and Guild Master of Minrothad.

Elf, male, F10/M12.

Parsan Zhemenieh, Zatrap of Darsi in Yezchamenid.

Human, male, F13.

Perceval the Iron Clawed, Duke of Pawcester in Bellayne.

Rakasta, male, F10 Noble.

Periandra Docerius, Baroness of West Portage.

Human, female, F12.

Phileus Furmenglaive, Count of Furmenglaive.

Human/werewolf, male, F20.

Powakuan Sleeps-With-Open Eyes, Bear Clan Chief in Atruaghin.

Human, male, F10.

Quillan Elm-Grower, Baron and Clanmaster of the Elms.

Elf, male, F14/M10.

Quymer Yezcham, Imperial Regent of Yezchamenid.

Human, male, Pr16 of Mizara-Idan (Ixion).

Ralindi Virayana, Prince of Krondahar in Glantri.

Human, female.

Ramanan Venkat, Rajah of Shajarkand in Sind.

Human, male, F7.

Renffeodagg the Doombringer, Earl of the Chaotic Dragons in Wyrmsteeth.

Ancient red dragon, male, 20HD.

Renshiye, Shalidye Clanmaster in Nordalfheim.

Elf, male, R10/T8.

Rodney the Intrepid, Earl of Theeds in Bellayne.

Rakasta, male, F13 Noble.

Rutger Dag, Baron of Dag.

Human, male, F14.

Sabrina Andreana, Countess of Halathius.

Human, female, F11.

Sandralane, Baroness and Matriarch of Moonland.

Human, female, Pr14 of Matera.

Seastian Viniska, Ruler of Dool in Minaea.

Human, male, F20.

Shelingar, Lightseeker Clanholder in Nordalfheim.

Elf, male, F4/M3.

Shuren, Duke of Kameloth.

Human, male, M18/F16.

Siegfried Sixx, Baron of Serenity.

Human, male, F15.

Sildil Seaeyes, Sheriff of Southshire in the Five Shires.

Hin, female, F8.

Stano, Duke of Stamtral.

Human, male, F9.

Stefania Torion, Countess of Redstone.

Human, female, F5/T15.

Sythandria, Mythuinn Clanmistress in Nordalfheim.

Elf, female, M7/Pr7 of Ilsundal.

Talin, Jennite Leader of Draeh.

Human, male.

Talinguk Rolls-His-Canoe, Turtle Clan Chief in Atruaghin.

Human, male, T13.

Taragin Oakbranch, Lightseeker Clanmaster in Nordalfheim.

Elf, male, F10/M10.

Tarisco Highnose, Sheriff of Highshire in the Five Shires.

Hin, male, F7/T7.

Tark Takkras, Clanlord in Arcadia.

Dwarf, male, F10.

Temur, Khan of the Yugatais in Ethengar.

Human, male, Rog16(3E).

Teng Lin-Dieu, Exarch of Ochalea.

Human, male, Pr20 of Koryis.

The Dragon, Lord in Limn.

Possibly an actual dragon.

Theodozon IV, King of Tesla in Minaea.

Human, male, Pr14 of Tarastia.

Thomas Stilldorfer, Landmeister of Landfall in Heldland.

Human, male, Pr8 of Vanya.

Thomas von Wettingen, Castellan of Vanya's Rest.

Human, male, Pr13 of Vanya.

Thrainkell Firestorm, Exarch of Westrourke.

Human, male, Pr(cr)12 of Vanya.

Thyandros, Blackblade Clanmaster in Nordalfheim.

Elf, male, F9/M9.

Thyarius Palykratidius, Duke of Hattias.

Human, male.

Tiradon, King of Corescos in the Traldar Lands.

Human, male, F18.

Tlatepetl, Governor-General of Tlazepetec in Orcland.

Red orc, male, F10. General Tlatepetl has annexed the settlements of Xorg and New Hobgobland, territories formerly under the command of Hutai Khan and Alebane. The two goblinoid leaders both left Orcland in AC 1016 with raiding hordes.

Triella Tien-Tang, Duchess of Mositius.

Human, female, M20.

Tulabal Shadowfall, Elk Clan Chief in Atruaghin.

Human, female, F4/T13.

Urmahid Krinagar, Prince of Bramyra in Glantri.

Human, male.

Uthar Metzger, Baron in Siegeria.

Human, male, F18/M9.

Uthgaard McRhomaag, Baron of Caerdwicca.

Human, male, F12/T4.

Valerion Recebarius, Provincial Legate/Governor of Meridia.

Human, male, T6.

Vincienzo di Randazzi, Baron of Ylourgne.

Vincienzo is the consummate gamesman-he will place bets on the slightest whim, and he wins more often than not. He is particularly adept at games involving his summoned creatures, and he was the champion dart-thrower at the Great School of Magic. Now he has turned his attentions to the greatest game in Glantri-politics. Born: AC 979. Hair: Black. Height: 5' 9". Eyes: Brown. Vincienzo always has a twinkle in his eye, and his money pouch close at hand.

Male human Wiz/Cjr10(3E): HD 10d4; hp 31; Init +4; Spd 30 ft.; AC 14 (Dexterity bonus); Atks +5 melee (1d4/crit 19-20/x2, dagger) or +10 ranged (1d4+1/crit x2, dart +1 of returning); SV Fort +3, Ref +7, Will +6; AL NG; Str 10, Dex 18, Con 11, Int 17, Wis 13, Cha 17.

Languages: Averoignian, Thyatian (Glantrian dialect).

Equipment: Bag of tricks (rust coloured), dart +1 of returning (x2), deck of illusions, rod of wonder.

Skills: Alchemy +2, Bluff +5, Concentration +10, Craft (Woodworking) +3, Diplomacy +2, Knowledge (Arcana) +4, Pick Pocket +4, Profession (Gambler) +13, Sense Motive +4, Spellcraft +3.

Feats: Craft Wondrous Item, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Quicken Spell, Rapid Shot, Scribe Scroll, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Weapon Focus: Dart.

Weston, Governor in Panteria.

Human, male, T13.

Winnefred of the Lake (a.k.a. Winnifred), Baroness of the Lake.

Human, female, Pr18 of Ixion.

Wolfgang Stemmel, Landmeister of Polakatsikes.

Human, male, Pr13 of Vanya.

Xagash, Archduke of Stygia.

Troglodyte, male, F12.

Xenthos Sarantakos, Council Spokesman of Kastelios.

Human, male, normal man.

Y'ilorchaem the Lofty One, Earl of the Neutral Dragons in Wyrmsteeth.

Ancient blue dragon, male, 18HD.

Yldysyl Greenheight, Count of Vyalia.

Elf, male, F13/M12.

Zholodeer Yemilcataur, Zatrap of Yivja in Yezchamenid.

Pegataur, male, F13.

Zorok, Toralai Chieftain in Neathar.

Human, male, T13.

Most Trusted Councillors

Councillors and advisers, ambassadors and consuls, ministers and seneschals and mayors.

Al Fatmah Nikita-Ahmed, Vizier of Internal Security in Nithia.

Human, female, F18.

Alden, Alphan Ambassador in Redhorn.

Human, male, F3.

Asgrim the Bowed, Royal Adviser in Ostland.

Human, male, Pr15 of Odin.

Benjamin Treeby, Leader of the Royal Party in the House of Commons in Bellayne.

Rakasta, male, F6 Honourbound.

Delsel Oaktree, Assistant Consulate in Aegos.

Elf, male, F10/M10.

Diocletian Merasthasius, Head of the Interior Ministry of Mivosia.

Human, male, normal man, member of the ruling triumvirate.

Dylan son of Penn, Thratian Consul in Thyatis.

Human, male, F9.

Francesca Egidio, Thyatian Consulate in Aegos.

Human, female, F18.

Francis Blythe-Jackson, Leader of the Wyndham Party in the House of Commons in Bellayne.

Rakasta, male, T5 Local Hero.

Frederick Beckman, Provost Marshal in Mositius.

Human, male, F17.

Hölger Scholz, Heldannic Overseer in Kildorkak.

Human, male, Pr5 of Vanya.

Jonas Whiteshore, Seneschal in Kameloth.

Hin, male, F3.

Jorkk, Chieftain and Overseer in Hopeland.

Half-orc, male, F10.

Khalid-al-Sharif "the Tale Teller", Grand Vizier of Ylaruam.

Human, male Ftr4/Clr14(3E) of Protius.

Kondu Paka, Bwana Gwaride (Great Guardian) of Yavdlom.

Human, male, F16.

Krameos of Tyrnus, Senator in Milenia.

Human, male, F7.

Mirinasi, High Emissary in Selhomarr.

Human, female, Dr 15.

Nikephorus Logotharion, Praefect of Thyatis.

Human, male, Rake15.

Ocylok, Elder in Frosthaven.

Cryion, male.

Roger Dumas, Seneschal in Chevas.

Human, male, M2.

Sandryth, Draconic Envoy in Arcadia.

Gold dragon, male, young adult.

Tanobari Nuar, Pearl Islander Consul in Thyatis.

Human, male, Rake9.

Vasily Stolbov, Minister of State of Zuyevo.

Human, male, F8.

Most Influent Aristocrats

Lesser aristocrats, heirs and royal families, fallen monarchs.

Afef, Royal Princess of Tangor.

Human, female, Rake4.

Allatine Proavistes, Lord in Mositius.

Human, male, M18.

Anthemus Adreanus, Heir in Halathius.

Human, male, F9.

Candella, Aristocrat in Norwold.


Desdemona Retebius, Heir in Retebius.

Human, female, Rake7/M12.

Doriath, Former King of Alfheim.

Elf, male, F13/M15.

Elenitsa, Former Queen of Lagrius.

Human, female, F10/T6.

Ernest Day, Former Baron of Hopeland.

Human, male.

Esteban "El Salvador," Former Tyrant of Almarrón.

Human, male, F13.

Eugenos, Lord in Hattias.

Human, male, M20.

Feyad'Rauth, Nephew to Baron Iarkainnun in Blackheart.

By far the most dangerous of the baron's nephews, Feyad'Rauth is a spitting image of Iarkainnun in his youth. When he was just a babe, his older brother killed his parents and brought Rauth to live with his uncle. After hearing stories about his father, Rauth is most pleased about his fate.

He is as adept with the sword as he is with spells. Charming and congenial manners hide the violent savagery that pulsates within him. Rauth has tried several times to have the baron executed, but as of yet has not succeeded. He knows that the baron knows this as well. He also knows that the baron favours him, and would be loath to dispose of him for fear of having his holdings fall into the hands of Rauth's older brother.

Human, male, Wiz4/Ftr2(3E).

Gabronius Torion, Prince in Thyatis.

Human, male, F2.

Gilbert de Fausseflammes, Aristocrat in Chevas.

Human, male, M12.

Gilis Shadowborn, Princess in Gråbjerge.

Dwarf, female, T4.

Glausoraiban (a.k.a. the Beast), Nephew to Baron Iarkainnun in Blackheart.

Glausoraiban is the first-born son of Baron Iarkainnun's younger half-brother. The Beast was always more like his uncle than his father, and so at a young age he apprenticed himself to the baron. Although he learned only a smattering of magic, Glausoraiban delights most in the physical torment of others. He gained his epitaph after brutally murdering his own mother and father.

The Beast spends most of his days training with the baron's guard. When he's not doing that, he is hunting some poor unfortunate slave in the wilds of Blackheart. The hunts are never fair, and most of the time the victims are rarely even old enough to hold a sword. On occasion these little hunts cross over into Traedyis land, and the Beast takes delight in wreaking as much havoc as possible.

Human, male, Sor2/Bbn(3E).

Harald Gudmundson, Former King of Vestland.

Human, male, F13.

Heraclius Actavius, Heir in Actius.

Human, male, F12.

Himerius Biazzan, Heir in Biazzan.

Human, male, F13.

Inay Paramesh, Former Rajah of Jalawar in Sind.

Human, male, T13.

Irene Trenzantenbia Tatriokanita Isaurica, Former Empress of Thyatis.

Human, female, M20.

Junna, Former Queen of Randel.

Human, female, Pr13 of Alphatia.

Larandia Lymianoporus, Lady and Head of the Order of Foresters in Vyalia.

Human, female, F10/M12.

Manfred Torion Dörfer, Former Usurper in Thyatis.

Human, male, F15.

Nhorg, Former Duke of Vrancea in Klagorst.

Human, male, Pr14 of Nyx.

Philippicus Patrizio, Heir in Lucinius.

Human, male, F9.

Qirklin, Prince of Floating Arkan.

Human, male, Pr16 of Valerias.

Tredorian, Prince of Alphatia.

Human, male, F12.

Trimos Sortiropolis, Former Bürgermeister of Polakatsikes.

Human, male, normal man.

Yrsa Svalasdottir, Queen-Mother in Ostland.

Human, female, Pr10 of Odin.

Most Powerful Warlords

General, admirals, and other commanders.

Alexandrus Maxentinos, Air Fleet Academy Commandant in Retebius.

Human, male, F20.

Andronicus Ducatzes, Commander of the Hetaereia in Thyatis.

Human, male, F18.

Antonina Alessandrasia, Lady Knight Commander of the Air Guard in Thyatis.

Human, female, F20/M10.

Bellissarian Strategius, Imperial Marshal and Chief of the General Staff in Thyatis.

Human, male, F20.

Branwys Skyratchet, Leader of Revolutionaries in Serraine.

Gnome, male, F8/Pr8 of Garal Glitterlode.

Broderick, Commander in Chief of Nayce.

Human, male, F19. His body is currently possessed by the wizard Karszamon.

Caryldian, General in Schattenalfheim.

Elf, male, F10/M10.

Constantine Lecapenus, First Sea Lord and Grand Admiral of the Imperial Admiralty in Thyatis.

Human, male, F20.

Diamanes Thesakkrus, General of the Mivosian Army in Mivosia.

Human, male, F14, member of the ruling triumvirate.

Dirk Hollweg, Grenzmarschall in Heldland.

Human, male, Pr12 of Vanya.

Erich Barthold, Grenzmarschall in Heldland.

Human, male, Pr11 of Vanya.

Feldian Lehenard, Officer in the Grand Army of Glantri.

Feldian is a mundaner-a person with no magical aptitude-, which makes him a second-class citizen in Glantri. Nevertheless, he managed to win the heart of Princess Juliana Vlaardoen many years ago. Though the Black Eagle has also taken an interest in her, Feldian is determined to fight for his love. Born: AC 983. Hair: Brown. Height: 5' 11". Eyes: Green. A handsome man, but completely unaware of the fact. When not in uniform, he dresses very simply.

Male human Ftr7(3E): HD 7d10+7; hp 53; Init +1; Spd 30/20; AC 11 (Dexterity bonus) or 21 (full plate, large shield, Dexterity bonus); Atks +11/+6 melee (1d8+2/crit x2, masterwork long sword) or +12/+7 melee (1d8+6/crit x3, heavy lance +2); SV Fort +6, Ref +3, Will +2; AL LG; Str 15, Dex 12, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 14.

Languages: Thyatian (Glantrian dialect).

Equipment: Heavy lance +2, horseshoes of speed, potion of aid.

Skills: Climb +2, Craft: Carpentry +4, Handle Animal +4, Jump +2, Ride +10, Spot +4.

Feats: Combat Reflexes, Mounted Combat, Ride-by Attack, Spirited Charge, Trample, Weapon Focus: Heavy Lance, Weapon Focus: Long Sword, Weapon Specialisation: Heavy Lance.

Feudelance, Brother of the Sun in the Arch of Fire.

Sollux, male, F14.

Formosos Treeshield, Warden Marshal in Vyalia.

Elf, male, F10/M10.

Geoffrey of Grunturm, Rebel Leader in Heldann.

Human, male, Pr20 of Law.

Georgi Thorowsk, Knight in Tcheltar in Klagorst.

Human, male, F12, Master of the Knights of Tcheltar.

Geredek, General of the Krugel Horde.

Orc, male, F20.

Grumman, General in Denagoth.

Human, male, F14/T10.

Hathaldrim, Alphatian Garrison Commander in Gaity.

Human, male, M12.

Heinrich Straßenburger, Would-be Usurper in Heldann.

Human, male, Pr17 of Vanya.

Hermann Veseldorf, Commandant in Borydos.

Human, male, F20.

Horrobin, Leader of the Grey Front in Serraine.


Jules Docerius, Captain of the Garrison in West Portage.

Human, male, F12.

Karszamon, Commander in Chief of Nayce.

Human, male. He is in control of the body of the former commander in chief, Broderick.

Khordarg, Dragon in Orcland.

Red dragon.

Krogada the Itchy, War Chieftainess in the Beastmen Lands.

Female, beastman, F13.

Laurida Tremlaine, Captain in Ersenbal.

Human, female, F8.

Lavim Hollister, General in Siegeria.

Hin, male, F10.

Lotaran, General in Arkan.

Human, male, Ftr15(3E). Arkan general and warrior.

Marcian Lactanius, Commander of the Sacred Guard in Thyatis.

Human, male, Pa20.

Maximillian von Hauptstein, Guard Commander in Halathius.

Human, male, F16.

Maximius Colophorius, Lord Knight and Grand Master of the Glorious Wings of Vanya in Thyatis.

Human, male, Pr20 of Vanya.

Mewsbury Fitzbagpuss, Knight of the Bath in Bellayne.

Guild Master, rakasta, male, T13 Swashbuckler.

Naarn Dvorcic, Warlord in Gournzee.

Varkha, male, F14.

Oshadogan, General of the Tangor Army in Tangor.

Human, male, F17.

Petrassia Amonduria, Captain of the Mivosian Cavalry Brigade in Mivosia.

Human, female, F12, member of the ruling triumvirate.

Rorterm the Stern, Leader of the Security Guards in Turmoil.

Human, male, F9. The Security Guards is a group of brigands who take payment for not attacking people.

Sabattius Laskaris, Lord Knight Commander of the Knights of the Air in Retebius.

Human, male, F18/Pr16 of Vanya.

Satabus Lucasian, Fleet Admiral in Lucinius.

Human, male, F18.

Selcomad, Army General in Stonewall.

Human, male, Ftr19(3E). A warrior and diplomat from Stonewall.

Siegfried Lenz, Grenzmarschall in Heldland.

Human, male, Pr14 of Vanya.

Stavro, Leader of the Knights of Halav in Slagovich.

Human, male, F14.

Theodorus Metopatius, Fort Commander in Carytion.

Human, male, F18.

Trallans, Army Commander in Foresthome.

Human, male, Ftr14(3E).

Tythus, Lord High General in Milenia.

Human, male, F18.

Ulrike Bethmann, Grenzmarschall in Heldland.

Human, female, Pr15 of Vanya.

Vaanes Ornogorius, Commodore in Terentias.

Human, male, F18.

Wagton Blyskarats, General in Buhrohur.

Dwarf, male, F15.

Wolf-Hunter, Ranger in Foresthome.

Human or elf, male, Rgr7(3E). Originally from Arkan. Wolf-Hunter's race is a mystery. He is not quite sure himself. He could be a human, but he clearly has pointed ears as elves do, so he could be counted among both races. Still, he doesn't usually let people see his ears... In short, if he is human, he is one of those who has some elven blood in him, yet is not a half-elf (which are exceedingly rare on Mystara).

Wyrht, General of the Blessed of Szek in Szekesh.

Gnome, male, F8/T12.

Xendorian Hydrosius, Commodore in Actius.

Human, male, F15.

Zoranthis, Captain in the Kubitt Valley.

Kubitt, female, F6.

Most Blessed Ecclesiastics

Patriarchs and matriarchs.

Alexis Vatutin, Patriarch in Vyolstagrad.

Human, male, Pr9 of the Church of Vyolstagrad.

Amagast, Priest in Stonewall.

Human, male, Clr13(3E) of Razud.

Androsius Tyropolikos, High Priest in Hrissopoli.

Human, male, Pr12 of Halav.

Arbandas, Druid in Arkan.

Human, male, Drd7(3E). Arkan druid in Frisland who harassed the Stonewall army and was captured.

Aw'ar, Chief Priest of Sumag in Suma'a.

Ogre-kin, female, Pr(shaman)15.

Batzas Daphavkarius, Prelate in Biazzan.

Human, male, Pr17 of Asterius.

Bessarine Hydrosius, Prelate in Carytion.

Human, male, Pr18 of Protius.

Brackularus Lactanius, Prelate in Halathius.

Human, male, Pr16 of Kagyar.

Cyril Christophorus, High Priest in Kerendas.

Human, male, Pr20 of Tarastia.

Cyril Helladius, Prelate in Actius.

Human, male, Pr16 of Protius.

Dagos of Xarda, Lord High Priest in Milenia.

Human, male, Pr18 of Halav.

Dendeh, Sun Protector of Emerond.

Emerondian, male, Pr20 of Ixion.

Dong Luc-Thu, Priest in Mositius.

Human, male, Pr15 of Koryis.

Droog, Chief Priest of Gombar.

Ogre-kin, male, Pr(shaman)10).

Eelsha Spider's Kiss, Tiger Clan Cleric in Atruaghin.

Human, female, Pr10 of Atzanteotl.

Etesse, Priest in Arkan.

Human, female, Clr8(3E) of Koryis.

Euphemia Gundesvinda, Sanctifier in Borydos.

Human, female, Pr20 of Kagyar.

Goblopob, High Priest of Protius in Twaelar.

Merrow, male, Pr18 of Protius.

Helena Daphnotarthius, Priestess of Valerias's House of Passions in Thyatis.

Human, female, Pr16 of Valerias.

Helentia, Lady High Priest in Milenia.

Human, female, Pr17 of Petra.

Hovar Duck Watcher, Elk Clan Shaman in Atruaghin.

Human, male, Pr14 of Atruaghin.

Humphrey the Exalted, Archbishop of Kittings in Bellayne.

Rakasta, male, Pr14 of Belbion.

Jorodrin Feadiel, Treekeeper in Aengmor.

Elf, male, M15/Pr12 of Ilsundal.

Julius Sartorius, High Priest of the Endless Seas of Protius in Thyatis.

Human, male, Pr18 of Protius.

Kamesama, Earth Protector of Emerond.

Emerondian, female, D18.

Malinalxoch, Ometochtzin of the Azcans.

Human, female, Pr18 of the Four Hundred Rabbits.

Marcus Kelephius, Prelate in Retebius.

Human, male, Pr16 of Odin.

Marick of Glevum, Archbishop of Serison in Thonia.

Human, male, Pr20 of Ixion.

Marston the Just, Archbishop of Leominster in Bellayne.

Rakasta, male, Pr14 of Pax Bellanica.

Michaelius Vaanes, Prelate in Machetos.

Human, male, Pr16 of Halav.

Msiba Jahi, Bwana Ramla (Great Prophet) of Yavdlom.

Human, female, Pr18 of Yav.

Niddrow, Forge Keeper in Kildorkak.

Dwarf, male, F8/Pr8 of Kagyar.

Ormun Corser, Priest of Minroth in Minrothad.

Human, male, Pr16 of Minroth.

Pekka Seppanen, High Priest of the Church of Kaarjala and Grand Smith of Ilmarinen in Kaarjala.

Human, male, Pr12 of Ilmarinen (Kagyar).

Pelagius Daphnorakenzes, Prelate in Lucinius.

Human, male, Pr20 of Protius.

Permon, Priest and Vizier in Nithia.

Human, male, Pr8, the only non-specialty priest in Rathanos's clergy.

Phaedra Daphnorakenzes, Priestess of Vanya in Thyatis.

Human, female, Pr10 of Vanya.

Pikkolu, Forest Protector of Emerond.

Emerondian, male, D20.

Porphyriel, Radiant Shaman in the Shadow Elves' Territories.

Elf, female, M16/Pr13 of Rafiel.

Ralak Ahman al-Mustafa, Priest in Tel Akbir.

Human, male, Pr18 of Protius.

Red Ork, High Priest in Siegeria.

Human, male, Pr14 of Odin.

Regino Helioprobus, Patriarch of Solarios in Thyatis.

Human, male, Pr16 of Solarios.

Salmalin Mahavir, Cult Leader in Kadesh.

Human, male, Clr5/Bur5/Rog2(3E).

Soridel, High Priest of Sinar in the Foresthomes.

Elf, male, Pr10 of Eiryndul.

Thadrik Karstone, High Priest in Buhrohur.

Dwarf, male, Pr12 of Kagyar.

Theophylact Cerularius, Chief Priest of Tarastia in Thyatis.

Human, male, Pr20 of Tarastia.

Thessia, High Priestess in Selhomarr.

Human, female, Pr19 of Xeron.

Trasaricus Theophilus, High Priest of Asterius in Thyatis.

Human, male, Pr16 of Asterius.

Ug-rum, Shaman of the Fang Cave Clan of the Brute-Men.

Male, brute-man, S8.

Vaalkoi Taapionen, Great Druid of the Kaarjalan Circle in Kaarjala.

Human, male, Dr20.

Xatapechtli, High Priest in Aengmor City.

Elf, male, M15.

Zar'nag, High Kai (Priest) in Stygia.

Troglodyte, male, Pr13 of Yeg Shuta.

Zemarchus Raetelarius, Priest in Terentias.

Human, male, Pr17 of Asterius.

Zoltan Hytaxius, High Priest in White Oak.

Human, male, Pr20 of Ilsundal.

Most Learned Scholars

Wizards, scholars, and famous artists.

Alexiana Hierydyl, Loremistress in Vyalia.

Elf, female, M18/Pr16 of Ilsundal.

Amnethon of Corisa, High Magus in Milenia.

Human, male, M20.

Athanasia Romanones, Proctor of the Collegium Arcanum in Thyatis.

Human, female, M20.

Callistita Cataoloia, Magist in Carytion.

Human, female, M18.

Comentas Dulcissinius, Magist in Actius.

Human, male, M18.

Damianus Hermongenes, Magist in Biazzan.

Human, male, M20.

Darkcloak, Newly-settled Foreign Alphatian Wizard in Turmoil.

Rumoured to be human, male, M19.

Demetrion Karagenteropolus, Imperial Magist in Thyatis.

Human, male, M21.

Drianna, Poet in the Gentle Folk Lands.

Elf, female, F1.

Erik Helsing, Blackmailed Wizard in Serraine.

Human, male, M13.

Gallos the Aged, Respected Philosopher and Historian in Selhomarr.

Human, male, T4.

Iohannes Angelikos, Curator in Borydos.

Human, male, M20.

Kanafasti, Court Mage in Aengmor.

Elf, male, M17.

Lodun the Doomed, Fading Star in Ambur.

Human, male, M12.

Madiera, Magist in Alpha.

Human, female, M18.

Mercurius Praesentinus, Magist in Halathius.

Human, male, M20.

Methodius Armorakius, Dean of the Imperial Academy in Thyatis.

Human, male, M12/Pr17 of Halav.

Murl of Vlaardoen, Wizard in Minrothad.

Human, male, M18.

Mylertendal, Famous Artist in Haven.

Human, female, M20.

Phillipia Caeseria, Magist in Retebius.

Human, female, M20.

Philoxenus Scholasticus, Curator of the Great Library in Thyatis.

Human, male, M20.

Phoebammon, Magist in Terentias.

Human, male, M18.

Rikka Kaalwa, Maga in Kaarjala.

Human, female, M16.

Rogart, Historian in Stonewall.

Human, male, Rog14(3E). A rogue and historian from Stonewall.

Rusak, Wizard.

Human, male.

Sarapammon, Magist in Tel Akbir.

Human, male, M20.

Theomisticus Chrysemion, Magist in Lucinius.

Human, male, M20.

Vincentius Hallicarnasas, Magist in Kerendas.

Human, male, M20.

Most Prosperous Merchants

Merchants and guilders.

Arturo Franich, Master of House Franich in Darokin.

Human, male.

Benji Trumblehorn, Shop Owner in Kastelios.

Hin, male, normal man.

Bertram Hallonica, Master of House Hallonica in Darokin.

Human, male.

Carola the Grappler, Captain of the Leap of Faith in the Merry Pirate Seas.

Human, female, T14.

Corwyn Linton, Master of House Linton in Darokin.

Human, male.

Elissa Pennydown, Mistress of House Pennydown in Darokin.

Human, female.

Eshram al-Azrad, Master of House al-Azrad in Darokin.

Human, male.

Greenleaf Vickers, Master of House Umbarth in Darokin.

Human, male.

Jeremol the Deceptive, Leader of the Traders' Guild in Turmoil.

Human, male, T10. the Traders' Guild is a thieves' guild.

Kleng Bloodhand, Pirate in Nordenhafen.

Human, male, F13.

Lucci Dhay, Dame and Headmaster of the Trade Guild in Panteria.

Human, female, T19. Actually a spy from rival Causa Nostra.

Marina Takanitas, Experienced Trader in Kastelios.

Human, female, normal woman.

Mendel Callister, Master of House Toney in Darokin.

Human, male.

Natalie Kalimi, Mistress of House Corun in Darokin.

Human, female.

Nosmo Beldan, Merchant-Prince in Minrothad.

Human, male, F15/MP12.

Opatuo, Head of the Mining Exchange of Emdur in Gombar.

Ogre-kin, female, Merchant14.

Pythion of Dophius, "King" of Milenia.

Human, male, M12.

Saroso Elsan, Merchant-Prince in Minrothad.

Water elf, male, F10/M16.

Tano Tarantella, Guild Master in Latela.

Human, male, T11.

Theodosius Kantinomeiros, Con Man in Thyatis.

Human, male, T15.

Ulard Forester, Guild Master in Minrothad.

Elf, male, F10/M12.

Valnor Acidelyrovius, Master of the Shadow Hand in Thyatis.

Human, male, T22.

Yodar, Pirate in Ekimmu in Minaea.

The pirate Yodar was born in Ekimmu, and is a national hero.

Most Diverse Local Celebrities

Gladiators and other local heroes or villains.

Andrzej Vatacek, Guild Master of the Guild of Adventurers in Valeryia in Klagorst.

Human, male, Pr20 of Aurial (Sinbad).

Bargle the Infamous, Mercenary in Serraine.

Human, male, M17.

Carolus Anthemion, Gladiator in Thyatis.

Human, male, F9/Werewolf.

Dariyana, Student in the Grey Islands.

Human, female, normal female.

Elektra Sharpblade, Gladiator in Thyatis.

Human, female, F17.

Furrny Mallok, Runaway Slave in Blackheart.

Human, male, Rgr4(3E).

Hukkt, Gladiator in Thyatis.

Ogre, male, F18.

Kemal, Dock Warden in Garganin.

Human, male, normal man.

Speriopitis Melanikas, Gladiator in Thyatis.

Human, male, F7/Rake15.

Strabos, Slave and Leader of the Kleonites in Milenia.

Human, male, Pr10 of Koryis.

Stult Bearclaw, Gladiator in Thyatis.

Human, male, F15.

Yalag, Ex-Gladiator in Thyatis.

Orc, male, F12.