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by Håvard

(6th level Shadowelf, Str 12, Dex 17, Con 16, Int 11, Wis 13, Cha 10, Al N, Equipment: Ring of Disguise (useable 3/day), Leather Armour +3, Dagger, Mace)

”I just don’t feel like myself today”

Farrow was once a member of Xatapechtli’s secret spy network, the Eyes of the Serpent. His mission was to spy on the Great School of Magic. However, he was discovered by Etienne d’Ambreville and banished to the Outer Planes. When a mysterious incident caused the disappearance of Etienne d’Ambreville in AC1010, coinciding with the destruction of Alphatia, the spell that prevented Farrow to return to Mystara was reversed, instantly summoning the Shadowelf spy back to the School of Magic, where he was just able to escape the mages there.

Farrow is about 5 feet tall, slender with long pointed ears and his curly white hair pulled into a short pony tail. The Shadowelf has pale skin like all of his kin, and for some reasons bears the purple marks of a Shaman on his face, even though he was never among their ranks (He permanently stained his face on an early spy mission). He is smooth, untrustworthy and speaks with a squeaky voice. His experiences on the planes have taken their toll on the Shadowelf. He has become rather mad and has developed multiple personalities. His return to Mystara has helped mend his mental health somewhat, but he is still unstable. In spite of his insanity, he retains his skills as a master spy and is not to be underestimated. He makes good use of his ring of disguise, which is standard issue for members of his organisation.

Since his return to Mystara, Farrow has been pondering upon his next course of action. He knows how paranoid Xatapechtli is, and if the Spy Master learns of Farrow’s return after so many years, he is more likely to kill Farrow (after extensive torture) than to let him live. Also, the Shadowelf invasion of Alfheim has caught the attention of Farrow as this is something he always saw as the ultimate goal of the Eyes of the Serpent.

Due to his ring of disguise, Farrow takes on a different form whenever another one of his multiple personalities take over.

Some of Farrow’s personas:

Dox: Dox appears as a pointy-chinned male human wizard, usually hostile towards clerics.

Ozer Pidey: This is a chubby female elf priest who preaches that existence is but a test of ones potential.

Wellrock: This male Diabolus seems drawn to the face of angst.

Trez Damrod: A violent dark-skinned human.

Kale O’Seth: A sombre elven minstrel.

Blurberry: A dishonest and greedy Diaboli.

Mellon Mahl: Mellon appears as a law debating human clerk.

Kirrik, the Ear: Kirrik is a blonde elf who loves to gossip.

Josberth Plum: A righteous towering human paladin.

Skiba: A tattooed female elf hunter who stops at nothing to see justice served.
Sylvester Goldwax: An elderly toothless human street artist.

Aza Dowling:
Aza is a female Diaboli hedonist.

Featherback: A sleek and athletic male human druid.

Rue-the-Day: This boisterous prankster takes the form of an elf.


Source: Uncaged, Faces of Sigil, page 32 (Planescape Supplement), Gaz 13: The Shadowelves.

Who is Farrow?
Farrow appeared in the Planescape Supplement Uncaged, Faces of Sigil and described a Shadowelf from Mystara, living in the Planescape Setting.

Why should he return to Mystara?
If Dragonlance can reclaim Lord Soth, I don’t see why we cannot call “back” characters who appeared in other settings, but have links to Mystara such as Meredoth from Ravenloft or Farrow.

I don’t use Planescape, so this is useless to me.
In my descriptions, I have removed every reference to Planescape. For all we know Farrow was just somewhere on the Outer Planes. It is his connections to Mystara that are of interest to us now. I doubt the Planescape crowd will miss him.

What is Farrow up to now?
Good question. Ideas?