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Statue of Ban Bogdan Ivanovich

by Giampaolo Agosta

AC 301-356 Bogdan Ivanovich, Ban of Marilenev, claims the title of King of Traladara. He manages to bring under his heel several clans, but the kingdom dissolves at Ivanovich's death. [K:KoA]

He is mentioned (just named, actually) in K:KoA. Except his name, K:KoA has no details. I envision him as the ancestor of the Marilenev clan, the descendent of Vandar chiefs fully integrated in the new Traladaran culture. He brought Marilenev from a minor settlement in the shadow of Krakatos to the status of regional power. The statue itself is also very old, probably dating to the time of the Traladaran league, when Marilenev was the centre of the anti-Darokinian alliance and the local bans needed to foster nationalist sentiments. The ban is portrayed standing, crowned, with the right hand on a large sword and the left arm held horizontally across the chest, dressed in a knee-length tunic. The statue is somewhat larger than life size, and raised on a square base about 1 m high.
It shows some signs of age.
In modern Specularum, the statue is mostly a landmark that can be used to give directions, since it is well known, and well loved by the Traladarans.
It might also be have been a rallying point for Traladaran nationalists under the Thyatian government, and possibly during the Marilenev conspiracy as well.