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The Column of Flavian Osteropulos

by Giampaolo Agosta

Now, let's discuss one of the new buildings, the Column of Flavian Osteropulos in the Church District.
Here you can find a discussion of Flavian Osteropulos and the Thyatian conquest of Traladara.

The Column of Flavian Osteropulos
Resting on top of the Church Hill, the 100' tall column of Flavian Osteropulos towers over the city. Built in 902 AC by Governor-General Flavian Osteropulos to celebrate the conquest of Traladara, the column is composed of massive blocks of Thyatian marble. A long frieze spirals along the length of the column, telling the story of the war from Gabrionus IV speech to the Senate where the Emperor announced the declaration of war to Flavian's departure from Thyatis, to the landing of the fleet and the conquest of Specularum. The trained historian can recognise, among the multitude of characters depicted in the frieze, historical characters like Jan Vandevic, Colonel Rosentos, Duke Stefan the Hermit, and Guildmaster Antonio Radu.
The column is topped by a small dome surrounded by a platform, from which one has an excellent view of the city and the river. The platform is accessed through an internal spiral staircase.
Originally, a statue of Emperor Gabrionus IV was located on top of the column, but it was toppled by Traladaran insurgents during the first days of the Grand Duchy, and never replaced.