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The Hippogriff Inn

by Jesper Andersen

From "Lathan's Gold", page 12: The trail from the northeast gate leads to Krakatos, northeast of Specularum. The trail becomes a street at the gate and leads southwest to the Hippogriff Inn.

Apart from that there is no information other than that a meal and a place for the night costs 1 gp. East of the inn lies the Golden Coin Gambling House. West of the inn lies the Capital Armorer. Directly south of the inn is an intersection and south of that a marketplace. East of the marketplace is the Grog Shoppe and west of the marketplace is the home of Ceesalt the Sage.

This inn is also the meeting place of the Brotherhood of the Woods:

From the Vaults of Pandius:
The Brotherhood of the Woods

This semi-secret society was founded by the Callarii elf Lathan Spearhand, after he came back from an adventurous journey across the Sea of Dread. Lathan had to pay a large sum to the Black Eagle Baron to ransom his fiancée, an elven maiden from Rifllian whom the Iron Ring had kidnapped.

Seeing that the Duke's justice was not going to reach the Baron, Lathan decided to take the matter in his own hands. He soon discovered he was not the only victim of von Hendricks' misdeeds. Thus, he contacted many of those who had reason to take revenge on the Baron, and formed a society devoted to bringing down the Black Eagle and the Iron Ring, by whatever means were necessary.

The Brotherhood is currently a small group, but is composed almost entirely of low to mid level adventurers. Lathan also has several contacts with other groups, including the Traladaran resistance movement in Fort Doom and Luln. New members are recruited by Lathan himself in Specularum. There are no fixed requirements to join, except a grudge against von Hendricks and the Iron Rings, and some fighting or magical skills.

The Brotherhood meets at the Hippogriff Inn, in the north market district of Specularum, near the old city walls. The innkeeper is a friend of Lathan's, and relays messages left by other members of the Brotherhood.

Joining the ranks
Being an enemy of the Black Eagle Baron is the primary requirement. Adventuring skills of all types are appreciated, but the Brotherhood has a use for more mundane supporters. The Brotherhood is a fairly informal organisation, with no ranks at all.