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Here are some (preliminary) ideas for the devices, mottoes, immortal patrons and colours of the various districts.
I'm quite uncertain on the status of The Nest, due to the lack of government control in the area (would it provide a militia regiment or have a local administration?).

For the other districts I've done some work in defining the origins of the various heraldic charges displayed on the district banners.
OTOH, I hope someone can also come up with better mottoes, and maybe additional historical background for the various districts.

District Coats of Arms

by Giampaolo Agosta

Hill District
Device: Per chevron wavy Sable and Argent, three towers countercharged.
Originally, the Hill was blazoned "Sable a mount argent in base". The towers were added after its company defended Marilenev in the Traladaran Wars, and at the same time the mount was abstracted into the current partition.
Motto: "Over all things I stand"
Patron: Petra
Colours: Black and white

South End
Device: Quarterly: 1st and 4th Vert an ox charging Argent; 2nd and 3rd Vair a bezant.
Originally, the South End has a "Vert an ox statant Argent" hinting at the rural nature of the ward. A chief Vair was added and the ox changed its position to charging after the South End regiment led the Marilenev army in the battle of Stolos River against Halag. Finally, the device was restructured to the current form and the bezants were added after the foundation of the Magician's Guild (the first major guild to be quartered in this ward).
Motto: "Fear the wraith of the meek"
Patron: St. Chardastes
Colours: White and green, trimmed blue

Old Quarter
Device: Or three bendlets Sable between two doves Argent.
Originally, the Old Quarter had "Or a bend Sable", but was demoted to two bendlets after the Thyatian conquest. One bendlet was then added by Duke Stefan after pacifying the area in 970 AC. The doves were added after St. Kruskiev's monastery was build (which may be before or after the other events).
Motto: "Light in darkness"
Patron: St. Kruskiev
Colours: Yellow and black

North End
Device: Azure two chevronels between three anchors Argent.
Originally, the North End arms were blazoned "Gules two chevronels Argent". After the construction of the Naval Arsenal, three anchors were added. The change of the field to Azure came after the Marilenev rebellion, when the North End (prevalently Thyatian) population sided with Duke Stefan (contrary to the other wards).
Motto: "Bounty of the sea, loyalty of the earth"
Patron: St. Lucor
Colours: Blue trimmed white

Device: Per fess Gules a dexter arm holding a sceptre Or in pale; Sable a Centaur proper.
The Centaur in the Stronghold arms represents Zirchev's protection. Originally the Stronghold arms were simply Sable a Centaur proper. The arm holding the sceptre was added after Petros Radu move the centre of political power from the Hill to the Stronghold district by deposing Duke Alexandr Marilenev.
Motto: "With the Hunter's strength"
Patron: Zirchev
Colours: Red and black trimmed yellow

Church District
Device: Azure a moon Argent between two eagle's claws Or winged Sable affrontee.
Originally displayed Azure a sun Or, which was changed to a moon Argent after the Thyatian conquest. The eagle claws were added after the Hall of the Griffon was built, by permission of the Order.
Motto: "By the will of the Five"
Patron: Vanya
Colours: Blue trimmed white and black

Merchant District
Device: Quarterly: 1st and 4th Vert a set of scales Or; 2nd and 3rd Or a tower Vert.
Originally "Per pale Vert and Or a set of scales countercharged". After the district's more affluent residents financed the construction of the Hightower, they added the tower to their arms.
Motto: "Balance in all things"
Patron: Asterius
Colours: Green and yellow

Bricktop Quarter
Device: Quarterly: 1st and 4th Gules masoned Or; 2nd and 3rd Azure a castle Or.
Originally displayed: Azure a fess Gules masoned or. After the Thyatian conquest, the Bricktop military company, the Guard Phorsis, became the only armed force in Specularum beyond the Thyatian army, and after the Marilenev Rebellion the district added the castle to the arms for the key role of the Guard Phorsis in those events.
Motto: "On firm ground we stand".
Patron: Halav
Colours: Red and Blue trimmed yellow

The Nest
Device: Vert semé of martlets Sable.
Colours: Green and black