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Moneychangers' Guildhall

by Giampaolo Agosta

Nested well into the Torenescu territory in the Hill district is the hall of the Moneychangers' Guild. The building dates to the last century before the Thyatian conquest. At that time, the Moneychangers were at the peak of their power, holding the balance of power between the merchants and the landowners. Their hall -- a venerable building dating back to the times before the foundation of the Guild -- was in the Bricktop district.
To show their power and wealth, the Guildmaster of that time, an ancestor of Emmet Torenescu, persuaded the Wardens' Council to build a new, majestic hall, hiring a foreign architect -- a Glantrian expatriate who designed a massive, square building, fully covered in rusticated stone (thought to be showy but elegant in Glantrian architecture), with large windows opening on the two upper stories to give light to the inner rooms. The original plans included four bronze-covered turrets, but the design was considered extravagant by the Wardens and the turrets were removed.

In recent times, the somewhat dwindling fortunes of the Guild -- with the creation of a Thyatian-aligned competitor in the Goldsmiths' Guild, the major heist single-handedly accomplished by Annius Helianthus and the run-ins with the Veiled Society -- have led to decreased maintainance and increased security. About 15 years ago the Wardens' Council voted the purchase of guardian constructs from Glantri, which are said to guard the lower vaults were the Moneychangers' Guild gold reserves are held. A large contingent of private guards is also present to deter thieves and Veiled Society assassins.

The Guildhall also includes an archive, offices for the Wardens, the Guildmaster and other guild officers, and meeting rooms. There is also a renowned ballroom on the first floor, where an annual ball is held to celebrate new magnates of the guild.

The Moneychangers are still trying to recover the stolen money from Helianthus' heist, which is thought to near the mind boggling figure of one million royals -- probably mostly in gems and Thyatian Emperors. A guild officer, Libor Matejevic (NM, Lawful) is in charge of screening the curricula of adventurers, looking for candidates to investigate the heist. The Guild has two non-exclusive standing contracts with such adventuring parties to provide access to all the known facts regarding the heist in exchange for a large share of the treasure, should it be recovered.