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FC Specularum: Notable buildings by district

by mister c

Still looking for my notes on the adventures we played around the Street of Dreams, but here are a few locations I think I recall;
Mages Pages, a shop selling books, parchments, scrolls etc located next to the Wizard's guildhall (optionally may have some minor magical scrolls for sale as well). Always on the lookout for unusual feathers etc.
The Scarlet Wizards, an informal social club located in a six storey octagonal tower. There are no internal stairways, just a hole in the centre of each level, thus members must use levitation to access upper levels. The top level is guarded by a wall (floor?) of flames. The Scarlet Wizards have another branch in Kelvin, where they lobby to have the ban on wizards casting spells repealed.
The Rusty Wand, a tavern located about half way down the street. The Hin barkeep, Bollo is an agent of the Duchess and a possibly useful contact. Hope these prove useful.