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Specularum NPCs

by Ville Lähde

Rodoz Marianov, secretary of Patriarch Nikelnyevich
He is about 50 years old, thus older than his master (in 1000 AC!). He is a very "superstitious" man, likely to believe in evil omens and resort to legends about demons and evil deities. As a young man up North he witnessed cultists of a Horned One rampage through his village. Like his lord, he is concerned with keeping the peace between the two peoples. Rodoz is a careful accountant and guards the church funds jealously, always demanding explanations for expenses.

Kantianos, Master of the Dyers' Guild
About 50 years old, grey hair has been dyed black, but usually some grey roots are visible. He wears skilfully dyed clothes as a sort of advertisement for the guild. His arms are permanently dyed grey-brown up to his elbows due to years of dyeing. Even though he is a Thyatian, he always treats Traladarans equally.

Malev, Storemaster of the Dyers' Guild
Middle aged Traladaran man of uncertain descent and age, he rules supreme over the storehouse of the guild. He knows instinctively where everything is. He is virile and energetic, speaks very loudly, and is fond of Ylari coffee - so much that he usually just munches on the roasted beans.

Findilius, Master of the Tailors' Guild
For a guildmaster Findilius is surprisingly young, and he even has the rank of a court lord. He tends to dress in Darokinian finery of the latest fashion and uses perfumes. His behaviour towards commoners is condescending.