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Information from "Of Nests and Nations"

by AllanP

The main location described is the Flying Hamhock Tavern. It is a two storey building with cellar, 60 feet east-west and 45 feet north-south. The main entrance is on the north side. The Common Room and kitchen are on the ground floor. On the second floor are the apartment of the owner (Fyodor Karmanazov), staff quarters and 5 guest rooms (if the establishment has guest rooms, should it be an inn rather than a tavern?)
The Flying Hamhock is described as a “typical small tavern… as far as the local authorities are concerned, this tavern is no worse than many others, and has a better reputation than some. Because of its location near the city wall the wall guards often stop in for a pint of ale or a bowl of soup…”

Adjoining the Flying Hamhock is a Lumber Warehouse. This building is also 2 stories high; it is 50 feet east-west and 80 feet north-south, with its eastern wall lining up with the eastern wall of the tavern. Together the buildings form the shape of a capital ‘L’ rotated through 180 degrees. There is a loft area at the north end of the warehouse which contains a secret door allowing access to a room on the second floor of the tavern.

There is a map of the various locations referred to in the adventure. It is a black and white version of the city map from GAZ1 with annotations. I reproduce it here with a key and include additional locations mentioned I the adventure but not marked on the map.

Section of city map from "Of Nests and Nations"

(A): site where a wall guard is murdered
(B): cloth warehouse
(C): alley not far from (B) where a disreputable merchant is found murdered
(D): 2 small galleys in harbour
(E): the Hightower
(F): Ierendi frigate in harbour
(G): spot where body of Artemus Gravel is washed ashore
(H): site where a wall guard is murdered
(I): site where 3 owl bears appear
(J): Radu’s wholesale foodstuff’s business
(K): galley where private guard murdered
(L): small warehouse filled with kegs of tar, pitch and caulk used by Naval shipbuilders
(M): warehouse on Mirror Bay
(N): Black Heart Lily tavern
(O): Great Church of Karameikos
(P): Lumber warehouse behind the Flying Hamhock
(Q): area where party of kobolds appear
(R): Minrothad Guilds sailing ship docked in deep-water berth used for large vessels

I have added the following:
(1): Dimension Doors Inn – a reputable establishment on Westron Alley, north of Magicians’ Guildhall
(2): Wizard’s Gizzard Tavern – on north-east corner of intersection of Westron Alley and the Street of Dreams; it is a gathering place for young Magic-Users looking for adventure.
(3): Laughing Dog Tavern – a disreputable dive in the Nest, a hangout for thieves and cutthroats
(4): Flying Hamhock Tavern – in the Nest (see above)
(5): Graceful Swan Inn – respectable establishment in the Old Quarter
(6): Elk Horn rooming house – lodgings of the Halfling Artemus Gravel; after leaving the Graceful Swan with friends, Gravel was last seen about 1 block from his lodgings while his friends returned to the Laughing Dog
(7): Dragonfly Tavern – one of Radu’s customers (see (J) above) is Darya Alexeyevna, the cook for the Dragonfly
(8): Magician’s Guildhall and library

Red line shows path of Artemusavel and his friends; Gravel separates from them after visiting the Graceful Swan.

The text also mentions the Dancing Ogre Tavern, but there is no indication where it is located.

One note on the location of the Flying Hamhock – it seems to be adjacent to the Great Church of Traladara, as indicated on the city map from the K:KoA box set (see below). This church is mentioned in GAZ1 but is not identified on the GAZ1 map.

section of city map from K:KoA box set