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Here is a description for one of the building, the ruined church in the Church District. Maps for the first three levels will follow.

The Ruined Church

by Giampaolo Agosta

(Church District)
Standing on the northernmost tip of the Church District, in an area now mostly occupied by granaries and warehouses, is a ruined Traladaran temple, the new Church of St. Rybich of the Bay.
There was indeed, since before the time of the Traladaran Wars, an old Church of St. Rybich of the Bay, which was built on the northernmost point of the coast, where now the outer tower of the River Gate stands and served the fishermen that, at the time, populated three-quarters of what is now the Church District.
That construction was, for defence purposes, converted to military use and integrated in the town walls -- part of it can still be accessed, though it is now underground, and is used as a military depot.

A new temple was built within the protection of the city walls, but was later heavily damaged in the Thyatian conquest of Marilenev, as the Thyatian navy bombarded the district with incendiary missiles. As one of the few stone buildings, the church was not completely destroyed.
However, given the lack of Traladaran population and the vast tracts of unoccupied estate produced by the almost complete destruction of the rest of the district, the Church of St. Rybich was not repaired, and the area remained mostly untouched by the great building campaigns of General-Governor Flavian Osteropulos first, and Patriarch Olliver Jowett later.

Nowadays, the temple lays in complete disrepair, and only recently there have been any talks of cleaning up the area and re-using the land for a new block of townhouses.
Indeed, the Church seems to have never attracted criminals or even vagrants, even though it is known to have a large crypt that could serve as a refuge. Actually, even though the area is much less patrolled than the rest of the Church District, it was never targeted by any of the known gangs, and no local gangs seem to exist as well.
The only complaints came after the construction of the new granaries near the ruins, when some abnormally damaging rat infestations were suspected to have originated from there. However, no proof was found, and the cost of cleaning up the ruins was considered too high to be worth the effort -- especially since the rat infestations decreased in time to more usual rates.

Truth is, the old church is connected to the district sewers via its crypt, and the sewers serve as the headquarters of a small and very secretive gang of wererat smugglers from Thyatis, led by one Publius Musculus (Thief 7/Greater Wererat 7, Neutral).
These wererats are not part of the larger wererat clan led by Decius Andronicus, whose territory lays under the Hill and Market Districts. The Traladaran wererats of Anastasia Rodinos also do not know of Musculus' gang, as they mostly avoid the Church District.
Musculus' wererats live in a symbiotic relation with the people of Church District: they keep the district clear of other thieves (especially the Veiled Society), and in return use the district as their base and market for smuggling, as well as supplementing their income with some burglary.

Using the Ruined Church
The Ruined Church of St. Rybich is designed as a dungeon for a short adventure for characters of low Expert level, but can be adjusted for adventurers ranging from Basic to Companion levels.

The Ruined Church dungeon is composed of four levels: the church itself, the crypt, the sewers, and the Nithian fortress.
The church is basically empty. Only the outer walls are standing, and the side entrances have been gutted by artillery shots. The wooden roof burned off, leaving the interior exposed and the floor is littered with broken pieces of the columns and statues that once adorned the church. A pair of steep stairs lead to the crypt.

The crypt has a central room, with a fine marble floor and well preserved statues and altars. A wide corridor gives access to various burial chambers and treasure halls. A few doors have been evidently shut with brick and mortar walls, locking off two empty rooms. Breaking down these walls is easy, but will alert the wererats who guard the sewer entrance. Most other chambers contain the tombs of ancient Traladaran patriarchs -- plundered decades ago.
A set of secret doors blocks the access to the treasure room in the northwestern corner of the crypt complex.
The treasures of the church still lies in a pair of coffers, guarded by a Gargoyle (replace it with a living statue, or golem if appropriate to the level of the characters). A hidden trapdoor forms the final layer of defence.

The sewers level is composed of the sewers and an adjoining cave complex that leads both out of the city and into the lowest level of the dungeon. The wererat lair is also part of the cave complex. A half dozen wererats, Musculus' gang, live in the area (these are lesser wererats of NM level; adjust as appropriate to the level of the adventurers).
The sewers are not the most healthy place to stay for non-wererats, though. After a number of hours equal to 1/3 their Constitution score, the heroes will have to pass a ST vs Poison to avoid being infected with a disease of the DM's choice. The saving throw must be repeated every Constitution/3 hours thereafter.

The lowest level of the dungeon is what remains of the ancient fortress established by the first Traldar who settled the region. The fortress was later claimed by a Hutaakan priest-king, whose body was laid in a Nithian-style sarcophagus.
The Hutaakan priest-king is now a Mummy (change to a Wight for Basic levels, or to a Lich Cleric for Companion levels).
The priest-king will generally be hostile to invaders of the fortress level -- he expects them to be tomb raiders -- but is of Neutral alignment and can be reasoned with. However, there is really little that adventurers could offer him besides leaving in peace, unless they know of the Lost Valley of Hutaaka. Information about the history of Hutaaka is, indeed, one of the few things the priest-king may be interested in.

Here are the maps of the ruined church and its lower levels.

  1. Ruins of the Church of St. Rybich of the Bay
  2. Church Crypt
  3. Sewers and Wererat Caves