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The House of Samuil

by Ville Lähde

- The house is 20 squares (north-south) times 15 squares (east-west). The longer side faces the main road, the northern side faces the piazza that I described. The western and southern side face the Ebonov and Azuros houses. The three houses have common gardens between them.
- I will give the coordinates to each of the rooms, plus some details. Coordinates are ordered: north-sourh axis with letters/east-west axis with numbers. I will not repeat the dooways in each room if given earlier.

Level I:
- A-F/1-6 square: Grand kitchen. Doors south on F3 and F5, east on C6 and E6. Grand stove and chimney at A1-2,B1 Window north on A4
- A-C/7-9 square: Small kitchen and food storage, includes a trapdoor to food/wine cellars. Servants' door to the Piazza on A8 (all deliveries etc. are handled here), to east on B9 and south on C8.
- D-F/7-9 square: Domestics room for cleaning the silvers, servents' meetings, doing the ironing and assorted tasks. Door to east on D9, eastern hatch to the dumb waiter on E9, door east to the staircase on F9, and a "secret door" south for servants on F8, leading to the main hall.
- A/10-15 six one-square rooms for servants, doors on the south wall. Only two are in use: A12 (Amran) and A14 (Jeroz)
- B/10-15 hallway to the servants' quarters. Doors: (see above) + to south on B10 and B12
- C/10-11: Room of the cook Flavian
- C/12-13: Office of the majordomo/head butler Skelios, where he addresses serious issues with the staff. Door on the eastern wall.
- C-D/14-15: Skelios's apartments
- D/10-12, E/12, F/12-13: hallway, with door south on D11, east on D12 and east on F13.
- E11: Room of Miza the servant girl
- B-E/13, Room of Karosha, the elder maid.
- F10-11: Staircase up
- E-F/14-15: Laundry room.
- G-N/1-7: The Grand Dining Hall: Two large tables, a large fireplace and chimnet on J-L/1, double doors east on J-K/7, door south on N/4. Windows west on H1 and M1
- G-N/8-13: Entry Hall (also on level II). Stairs up and westward on G10-11 and N10-11. Shahowed by balcony/catwalk on G-N/8-9 and G-N/13 (these two balconies are not connected via this hall!) Double doors east on J-K/13, doors east on H13 and M13, and double doors south on N/8-9.
- G-I/14-15: Cloakrooms & closets radiating from H14.
- L-N/14-15: Guardsroom
- O-T/1-3: Living Room/Reading Room/Smoking Room: Fireplace and chimney on S-T/1 and T2. Window west on P1 and south on T3.
- O-T/4: Corridor, doors west and east on Q4.
- O-T/5-7: Games Room
- O-R/8-9: Hallway, with double doors south on R/8-9 and door east on Q9.
- O-R/10-15: Library, doors south on R 13 and 14
- S-T/8-11: Counsel Room, door east on S11.
- S-T/12-13: Scrivener's Room, currently uninhabited.
- S-T/14-15: Storage, empty.

And Level II:
- A-C/1-3 square: Alexander's lounge. Fireplace and chimney on A1, door east on A3 and south on C2.
Window north on A2.
- D-F/1-3 square: Alexander's bedroom. Door east on E3.
- A-B/4-7: Alex's office. Door south on B6, window north on A5-6.
- C/4-7, D-F/4: Hallway. Door south on F4, north and south on C6 and east on C7.
- D-F/5-7: "Wife's room", currently empty.
- G/1-7: Hallway. Window west on G1, door east on G7, south on G6 and double doors south on G3-4.
- H-N/1-4: Family Hall. Large fireplace and chimney on J-L/1, curtain doorway east on J-L/4, double doors south on N/3-4.
- H-I/5-7: Master's bathroom.
- J-L/5-7: Throphy Hall, double doors east on K7 leading to the Entry Hall.
- M-N/5-7: Masters' bathroom.
- O/1-7: Hallway. Window west on O1, door south on O4 (locked and sealed), and east on O7.
- P-T/1-3: Christoph's bedroom. Chimney and fireplace on T1. Doors east on Q3 and S3. Furniture is covered with sheets.
Window west on Q1, boarded shut.
- P-R/4-7: Christoph's office. Door south on R5. As above.
- S-T/4-7: Christoph's lounge. As above.
- A-F/8-9: "Family Hallway". Double doors south leading to the Entry hall on F8-9, door east on C8 and west on D9. Dumb waiter hatch east on E9. Family portraits, family trees etc. on walls. Stained glass window north on A/8-9.
- A-C/10: Nothing.
- D/10: Corridor, doors east and west.
- E/10: Dumb waiter (oops, forgot to mention this on Level I, but I guess it was obvious).
- F/10-11: stairs (lead down westwards)
- A-C/11-12: Guestroom currently inhabited by Doctor Malek. Door east on B12. Window north on A11
- A-C/13: Corridor. Door south on C12, east and west on B13.
- A-C/14-15: Guestroom. Window east on B15.
- D-E/11-13: Dining and Breakfast room for the guests. Doors west on D&E11, north on D13 and south on E13.
- D-E/14-15: Bathroom. Door south on E14.
- F/12-13: Corridor, leads to the stairs west. Doors to north, east and south on F13.
- F/14-15: Corridor. Window east on F15, doors west, north and south on F14.
- G-N/8-13: Entry Hall, upper level, obviously. G-N/8-9 has a balcony, with double doors north and south, stairs east on G9 and N9, doos west on G8 and N8, and double doors west on K8. There is a beautiful portrait of Samuil on the wall, plus a statue of the man. Catwalk with ornate railing runs at G-N/13, with doors north at G13, east at J13 and south at N13.
- G-H/14-15: Bathroom.
- I-K/14-15: Greenhouse/Harborium. Large windows on east wall.
- L-N/14-15: Guardsroom (empty).
- O-T/8-9: "The Gobelin Hallway". Stained glass window on the southern wall, doors east on O9 and Q9.
- O/10-13: Corridor. Doors north and east on O13.
- P-R/10-13: Melinda Azuros's Salon. Door east on Q12 and south on R12.
- S-T/10-13: Melinda's Bedroom.
- Q-T/14-15: Melinda's Bathroom. Door north on Q14.
- O-P/14-15. Maid's Room (empty).

Some additional description for the House of Samuil:
- The Gobelin hallway contains two gobelins. One depicts Samuil Torenescu purchasing the building from the Hallonica agents (I may have misunderstood your intention GP, but I interpreted that you wanted the House of Hallonica to be part of the Torenescu area - and IMC it is the House of Samuil). The other one is ancient and protected by alchemical wax. It depicts a Traladaran King fighting the hordes of Leptar, who is depicted as a demonic figure. A comet resembling the Horned One is on the background. The face of the Traladaran king has been craftily reconfigured to resemble the features of Samuil.
- In the Family hallway, all references to Gavril and Dragos have been erased, but their descendants can still be seen, marked as friends, "relatives", allies etc.