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A building for the Trader's Corridor, using one of the Shrine items in the legenda.

Shrine of Asterius

by Giampaolo Agosta

Well out of the sight of the common Specularum man, yet fully immersed in the hustle and bustle of the Trader's Corridor is a small shrine, covered in white marbles and blood-red tiles. Four statues of mermaids and mermen holding cornucopiae, painted in bright colours, support a small portico in front of the shrine, while a frieze depicting scenes of trade, sea travel, and other mercantile activities circles the building. Inside, a small cell holds an altar, set in front of the statue of a young man in old-fashioned Thyatian clothes holding scales and a purse of coins, easily recognized as the patron Immortal of the Church of Karameikos, Asterius. To the sides, small niches hold statues of the other Immortals worshipped by the Church, as well as a couple of other Immortals, Ixion and Protius, popular with the foreigners, merchants and sailors, who frequent the shrine.
A thin, middle-aged priest (C3, N) tends to the temple. This man, a Traladaran convert to the Church of Karameikos, has adopted the Thyatian name Gregorius Philargos in place of his original Traladaran name, Semion Antonov. Gregorius appears a friendly, active sort, always busy preaching the doctrine of the spotless soul to the travelers and merchants, but is actually a greedy priest who will eagerly offer to clean any sin in return for a sizable donation. Gregorius lives in a richly appointed house next to the shrine, but can be found at the shrine during the nights of new moon, when he serves the thieving aspect of Asterius by acting as a fence and smuggler. A crypt under the shrine, well hidden by a secret trap door, holds the profits of these activities.