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Streets of Specularum

by Ville Lähde

You were asking for suggestions for street names. Here's a couple that I came up with:

* Minrothad area:
- Silver Purge alley must be there, with some local colour
- Merchant Prince Street
- Guilder street

* Ylari area:
- there might be a couple of streets that have dual names, which the ethnic groups use:
- Prophet's Way/Preceptor Street
- Oasis alley/Well alley (leads to a small clearing with a well?)
- Ylaruam street/Abbashan alley

* Dwarven area:
- Mushroom street (with a bar called "Mushroom cloud"?)
- Battleaxe boulevard
- Wyrwarf way
- Denwarf's Way

I suggest also a differing topography for these areas. The Darokinian area might be beautifully laid out, with geometrically planned street/avenue system (with addresses even?) or something like that, whereas the Ylari area especially is more mixed. The Hin area of course might have some small parks or underground dwellings etc.