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Torenescu Territory

by AllanP

(The Hill)

The Torenescu family owns and controls seven blocks in the southern end of the Hill District. Here is Torenescu Manor – the “House of Samuil” (H3), the hereditary residence of the leader of the clan. In AC 1000, it is home to Alexander Torenescu and his widowed mother, Melinda, with their staff. The residence was originally built in AC 903 by Samuil Torenescu (the leader of the Moneychangers’ Guild) using proceeds he made from assets of the Hallonica House building that he had purchased from the Darokinian merchants in AC 900, following the Thyatian Occupation. Samuil had had his eyes on this area of the city for over a decade, since the time he persuaded the Wardens’ Coubcil to build a new Hall for the Moneyvhangers’ Guild to show their power and wealth. The two-storey manor became the residence of each succeeding leader of the Torenescu clan, passing from Samuil to his son Emmet, then to Emmet’s son, Samuas. As Samuas did not have a male heir, the role of clan head (and the manor) was given to the line of Samuas’ younger brother, George. Christoph, George’s eldest son, next took the role, and on his premature death in AC 999, Alexander became head of the clan and owner of the manor.

The “House of Emmet” (H10) stands in the same city block as the “House of Samuil”. It currently houses relatives of Melinda (Alexander’s mother) from her family, the Azuros’. Samuil had this house constructed for his son, Emmet, in preparation for Emmet’s marriage to Sandra Bovis in Ac 915.

The Ebonov House (H9) lie south of the Torenescu family home, and is currently the residence of assorted Ebonov family members who are in the city on business from Minrothad. It was originally built by Emmet as the home of George Torenescu and his wife, Sarah Evonov, from their marriage in AC 949 until AC 962 when Samuas died and George inherited the leadership of the clan.

“The House of Samuas” (H11) lies north of Torenescu manor, across the large Torenescu Piazza that opens the way to other house of the clan to the west of the district. Nearby is the Moneychangers’ Guildhall (H1). The house is currently under renovation and used as a guest house. Emmet Torenscu had it built for his eldest son, Samuas’ marriage to Shella Wolf in AC 935. Samuas, Shella and their daughter, Katherine, lived there until AC 950 when Emmet died and Samuas became famiky head and moved to the “House of Samuil”.

The Gavril and Dragos houses (H12 & H13) stand west of the “House of Samuas”, in a block that has a park-lioke piazza running through it from east west. The house of Gavril stands on the northern side, while that of Dragos is on the southern side. Even though the relatives of Emmet’s twin sons keep the houses in good repair, both stand empty as they have done for 50 years since the twins jointly committed suicide and hanged themselves from the towers of their houses. Some people claim that the shadows of the hanged twins can still be seen on the walls of the towers of the twin houses.

The house of Boris Torenescu (H14) stands on the next block west from that of the doomed twins. Boris is uncle to Alexander and seeks to assist and guide the younf head of the clan in his activities. Nearby is the house of Sergei Torenescu (H15), the son of Dragos. While Sergei is absent, in his appointment as Karameikan Ambassador to Glantri, the building currently houses more distant relatives from the Dragos line. The tightly built block also includes two other buildings (H20) of clansmen from the Gavril/Dragos lines.

Going north from Sergei’s house you come to the block containing the opulent manor of Stephanos (H17) and the resident Draculs, the family of Stephanos’ mother, Ordana Dracul, wife of the late Pavel Torenescu. Also in this block is the house of Nichola Torenescu, younger sibling to Christoph, Boris and Pavel. Nichola’s house is mostly empty, as she lives in the hosue of her husband, Lord Zogrev Yarol, Minister of state. There are also houses (H20) of assorted clansmen from the more distant family lines on this block.

The westernmost block of Torenescu territory has a small park with a mural that depicts the clan family tree. Around this park can be found the House or Lord Dmitrios's "civilian personality" (H19), that of Gavril’s son, Simion Torenescu (H21), a large guesthouse (H22) for friends and visitors of the clan, and more houses of assorted members and allies of the clan (H20). On the southern edges of the territory you will also find warehouses (H16) relating to the varipus Torenescu business enterprises.