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Underground Specularum

by Ville Lähde

I've done some work on the underground Specularum, mainly on the Church District and the Nest.

- In today's session I introduced the notion of the hill of the Nest being an old mine that has been long since been abandoned. That is why it is riddled with old tunnels (perhaps they originally gave it its name). The old mine shafts and openings have been covered with mining refuse and slag, upo which the poorest houses were built. Thus the Hill has always been an unsafe and unhealthy place, as toxic fumes like radon are abundant.

- I also drew a map of the sewage system of the Church District. It is made up by three circular sewage gullies running under the district, each built on a different level of elevation, as the hill runs down eastward. Each circular gully has independent run-off gullies that lead to drilled shafts of gravel and sand (meant to drain excess sewage and water), but the three gullies are also connected by sloping gullies, so the run-off gullies of all three levels come to optimal use during heavy rain etc. Note: Only the most important or affluent buildings have access to the system - a lot of the sewage is still spilled on the streets.
- The wererats use the sewer system to move around the District.

- The sewers are built among the old Traladaran ruins, buildings that were destroyed and covered over during the construction of the Thyatian-held Church District. A few of the ruins are part of the walls of the sewers, so there may be access to them through the sewers, with some work. The crypt of the Ruined Church of course offers access to these ruins, too. I drafted a dozen location, with connecting tunnels. Ruins of old Traladaran holy places offer potential access to the lower level, the Hutaakan ruins.
- The wererats seldom venture here, but they know parts of them, as they offer access to other parts of the District. However, there is a vibrant microecosystem of monstrous fauna and flora that keeps them away.

- The few remaining Hutaakan ruins can be accessed via the ancient Temple of Pflarr, under the ruined Traladaran shrine. There are the remnants of an ancient observatory, archives, administrative building, well, and a fortress (the top of the hill during the Hutaakan era). The Fortress was built over the tomb of Os-Khmin.

In our present scenario, Jorgos has holed up in the tomb with his band of followers and their messiah (delusional young Valen). With an artefact found in the tomb, Jorgos has gained control of some monsters living in the tunnels above.

Of course there are other ruins, and older ones, deeper above, but they do not figure in the present scenario.

By the way, poor Sir Lucius was killed and dumped in a sewage gully. Another NPC gone.