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The Wizard Blackstone’s Tower

by AllanP

(The Nest, N23)

On the boundary between The Old Quarter and The Nest, down a side turning off the Street of Dreams, an alley leads into a yard where a stone tower rises three or four stories high so that it stands above neighbouring buildings. The tower is topped by a conical-roofed turret and a small parapet. There are windows on the upper levels, but the material they are filled with obscures any view of the interior. At ground level, there are no windows and no doors. The only feature is the word “Blackstone” neatly carved into a small stone block in the tower’s wall.

There are stories told of seeing individuals walking into or out of the tower through its wall – but these stories are usually dismissed as the imaginations of those who have imbibed too much at a local tavern. Others tell of seeing a shadowy figure walking round the tower’s parapet. There are also accounts of light beams occasionally seen shooting between this tower and the Magicians’ Guildhall in South End.

Talk to a retired adventurer or two at their local tavern and sooner or later they will mention encountering the Wizard Blackstone on one of their quests. Little is known of him – he appears to be an exiled Glantrian mage dissatisfied with the way his countrymen act and took off for a life of adventure across the Known World. They say he still undertakes missions but you have to be invited to meet him – only then can you enter his tower.