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Here are the notes of high level events that took place leading up to and during the War of the Flying Castle IMC. I also found notes from the game sessions for M2 with more specific info, but I will send that later (it needs to be typed in).

War of the Flying Castle

by Dan Eustace

Spring 2018 Norlan Demands Party

Baron Norlan of Qeodhar, an Alphatian noble, demands that Lords of Norwold be turned over to him for judgement following an incident in Sundsvall, the Alphatian capital. Norlan alleges that Throm, Melzo, Acromus, Gorgar, and Leadyl have murdered his officials and threatens repercussions against Norwold if they are not turned over.

Summer 2018 Norlan Begins Piracy

King Ericall cannot even locate the accused Lords for questioning and refuses to give in to Norlan's demands. Baron Norlan begins a wave of piracy against Norwold's shipping which escalates over the next few months.

Fall 2018 Dag Annexes Sularus

The Viscounty of Sularus, abandoned by Melzo Hara, and slipping into disorder, is annexed by Rutger Dag. Dag restores order to the land with his horsemen and claims them for his own.

Winter 2018 Prince Barikan is Born!

Queen Christina gives birth to King Ericall's first child, Prince Barikan. A festival is held to celebrate the joyous occasion, but disaster strikes; the Queen is kidnapped! Ericall sends out adventurers who rescue the Queen from Frosthaven. Clues are found linking the kidnapping to Baron Norlan.

Spring 2019 The Fleet Sails

King Ericall is furious and decides he has had enough with Norlan and his piracy. He launches Norwold's naval fleet for Qeodhar to invade it and bring Norlan back dead or alive. However, the fleet never makes it to Qeodhar, having seemingly vanished from the sea.

Summer 2019 Alphatia Blamed For Fleet

The Norwold Royal Navy is nowhere to be found. King Ericall accuses Alphatia of intervention against it and of supporting Norlan's piracy. Alphatia denies any knowledge of the Fleet's whereabouts. Soon after, Alphatian ships are sunk in Landfall, still under Imperial rule at the time. Later, the Empire of Thyatis would be linked to the pirates responsible for the sinkings.

Fall 2019 Sabre River Supports Sularus

The Seneschal of the County of Sabre River, acting for Throm the Mighty, missing for some time now, sends troops and aid to the beleaguered lands of Sularus, still occupied by Rutger Dag. There is no armed conflict, but it is clear that Sabre River does not recognise Dag's claim to the land.

Winter 2019 Landfall Rejoins Norwold

The Province of Landfall declares independence from Alphatia, and rejoins with Norwold. Alphatia protests, but not too loudly - Landfall is nothing more than a squalid pirate haven ravished by crime.

Winter 2019 Hard-Line Statements

Alphatian vessels plying free trade are plundered off of Caerdwicca, a Thyatian ally on the Isle of Dawn. Alphatia demands that Thyatis cease this piracy against her ships and " territories of Alphatian descent" or else they would consider such acts as a violation of the Helskir treaty. Thyatis responds that it is not responsible for the piracy. Furthermore, any expansionist actions by Alphatia will be met with equal action from Thyatis. Tension builds in colonies and newly "independent" states on the Isle of Dawn. It is obvious that Norwold is being treated as a mere Alphatian satellite.

Spring 2020 Events in Norwold

The absent Lords of Norwold finally return, only to find troubles in their lands. Melzo Hara finds that Rutger Dag has claimed his lands. He defeats Dag in Trial by Combat to regain the Viscounty of Sularus. Acromus Stormlord is busy driving off raiding bands of giants from his Barony. He then soundly defeats an attack by the Army of Stamtral, who thought Acromus was sending the giants against him. Earthquakes do major damage to Throm the Mighty's County of Sabre River.

Summer 2020 War of the Flying Castle

Baron Norlan of Qeodhar attacks the neutral city of Oceansend, and captures it with the help of traitors. King Ericall mobilises his forces. Norlan's forces head south and conquer Landfall. The Flying Castle, a marvel of Alphatian magic, arrives in Norwold south of Alpha. This impressive war machine ravages the lands of Melzo, Dag, and Candella, shattering their armies with ease. King Ericall sends his heroes to neutralise this terror. Throm, Acromus, Melzo, Gorgar, Leadyl, and Rusak , along with the giant, Feldspar, converge on the Flying Castle near Leeha. They infiltrate it and manage to capture it. Throm calls on an Immortal gift, and summons a horde of dragons to liberate Oceansend. The party takes control of the Castle and use it to drive the raiders from Landfall. The Royal Fleet of Norwold confronts Norlan's forces and drives them away from the Great Bay. Norlan lands in the Barony of Fergus where the party intercepts him with the Flying Castle, routing his forces. Norlan is captured by Leadyl Feadiel.

Fall 2020 Norwold Victorious

Norwold is now in possession of the Flying Castle and Baron Noran. In a position of strength, Norwold annexes Oceansend, allowing Yarrvik the Just to retain his title of "king." Lernal the Swill, having failed to protect Landfall, is removed from that city and martial law is imposed. Negotiations are opened with Alphatia. In the war's aftermath, Prince Tredorian of Alphatia, who was sailing with Norlan, is captured by Thyatian warships. Emperor Thincol II decides to keep the young Alphatian as a hostage. He offers to send Empress Eriadna his own daughter, Princess Asteriela, as a counter-hostage, and Eriadna agrees to this "cultural exchange." It turns out that Baron Norlan was acting on his own authority. Empress Eriadna is furious with him for his reckless acts. A treaty is signed between Norwold and Alphatia. Alphatia agrees to recognise Norwold's actual independence, but will still act as its protector against Thyatis. In turn, Norwold agrees to assist Alphatia in any war vs. Thyatis, provided the conflict is provoked by the Thyatians. The Flying Castle, Alphatian property used by Norlan without authorisation is to be returned. In exchange, to compensate for the damages suffered by Norwold, Alphatia will provide a small fleet of flying ships. Baron Norlan of Qeodhar is handed over to Empress Eriadna for punishment and is never heard from again. Throm is promoted to Marquis; Melzo becomes a Count; Acromus and Rusak advance to Viscount.