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Torenescu Clan

by Ville Lähde

Yes, Nichola is married to Yarol. I just assumed that she would have a clan house of her own, as she is one of the adults in the line of succession. Her house is mainly used for public events where she has to emphasise her background. At other times she is living in her husband's house of course (considering the role of women in the society).

The map looks excellent, and it is very close to the original. Thank you!

As to Nichola's date of birth: I'd like to keep her young, for several reasons:
- It would fit the original description in GAZ1
- She would be younger than Alexander and Stephanos, so clearly the last one in the line of succession (of course her gender would put her there too?). I think it is important that she is clearly younger than all the other contenders.
- I depict Sarah Ebonov dying giving birth to Nichola at a relatively old age (40 something?), and her death drove Geroge Torenescu to an early grave. I think this would be a nice touch.

I always read the canon texts as stating that Yarol is an old friend of the clan, so his marriage perhaps was just meant to solidify the alliance. And remember that the likely age of marriage for a noble girl is much younger than our customs would make us expect, so she might well have married Yarol in the early 990's, well before the GAZ era (BTW: GP, which era are you designing the book for? I am working on the assumption that the year is 1000, and the Grand Duchy etc.)

But if you feel that making Nichola older is important, I have no big problems with it.

In my notes the dates of birth are, plus some notes which I will flesh out in the scenario's background section:

1st generation:
Samuil Torenescu 840-920 (Ascendancy of the clan began in 900 as he made good deals on former Halonica assets.)

2nd generation:
Emmet Torenescu 890-950 (Leader of the Moneychangers' Guild)
+ Sandra Bovis 900-945

3rd generation & offspring

Note: In addition to the male offspring mentioned below, Emmet and Samuil had female offspring, and most of the lesser families of the Torenescu clan come from that background. Others have more distant links to the clan before Samuil's time.

Samuas Torenescu 916-962
+ Shella Wolf 918-960 (Hattian; marriage was a disappoinment to Emmet)
--> Katherine Torenescu 936-975
+ Ivan Marilenev 930-971 (died in the rebellion)
--> --> Valor Marilenev 953-971 (died in the rebellion, Magda's husband)
(Samuas's line no longer recognized as part of the order of succession, although Lady Magda contests this claim. Leadership passed to Georges's line as Samuas had no male heir. But there was a period of internal struggle in 950-962. It was resolved finally when Samuas was run over by a carriage. Some blamed the Radus, as Samuas was arguing with Anton Radu. Others blamed George, who was said to have help from shady Minrothadian agents.)

Gavril Torenescu 920-950
+ (spouse from Traladaran noble house)
(Note: offspring stripped of rights of succession due to the scandal)
--> Simion Torenescu 949-

Dragos Torenescu 920-950
+ (spouse from Traladaran noble house)
(see above, Gavril's twin)
--> Sergei Torenescu 945-

George Torenescu 925-976
+ Sarah Ebonov 930-976 (Minrothadian)
(George was a tradesman and traveled a lot in Mirothad, taking care of the financial interests of the Torenescus.)

4th generation & offspring (George's line, current line of succession):

Christoph Torenescu 950-999 (Managed to gain control of the Scribes' Guild with the help of Simion Torenescu and other lesser clans and strengthened control of the Moneychangers' Guild by procuring important posts for members of the Azuros family)
+ Melinda Azuros 952-
--> Alexander Torenescu 974- (current clan head)

Boris Torenescu 951- (second in line of succession)

Pavel Torenescu 953-993
+ Ordana Dracul 955-
--> Stephanos Torenescu 975-

Nichola Torenescu 976-
+ Zorgev Yarol 950-