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Below is the feint maneuver that I use for my homebrew Duelist class.


by Craig Antoun

Duelists of 6th level and higher may use a rapier, longsword, or short sword to employ a quick weapon thrust designed to catch the opponent off-guard. This is known as a feint. The duelist declares the feint during the Statement of Intent phase of combat before Infinitive is rolled, to which the duelist suffers a -3 penalty. If the opponent fails a saving throw versus magic wands, the duelist gains a +2 bonus to hit with one melee attack. If the opponent succeeds in the saving throw, the duelist makes a normal attack roll. A feint can be used almost every round; however, opponents will get a +2 cumulative bonus to each of their subsequent saving throws against this maneuver during the same combat.

I think I may have found this maneuver in Fantastic Heroes & Witchery, and adapted it for my version of the Duelist.

At any rate, it may be of use to you with a few modifications for your own BECMI campaign.