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Lord Felonius Akrum, Baron Farstead

by Matthew Levy

Male Human Fighter level 4
upper middle class, alignment LE, age 54, 12,240 XP
Str 14
Dex 12
Con 14
Int 9
Wis 7
Cha 12

hp 32 AC -1 move 1
speaks Thyatian
proficiencies: endurance 3, riding 10, read/write 7, singing 8, hunting 7, dancing 8, sabre, heavy lance (choice, specialised), shortbow, dagger, battleaxe
traits: singing talent, irritating personality

THAC0 damage #AT
shortbow +1 16 d6 + 1 2
(w/arrows +3) 13 d6 + 4 2
lance 14 d8 + 4/3d6 + 3 3/2
battleaxe +2 15 d8 + 3 1

has 5 flight arrows +3, shortbow +1 with +50% range, battleaxe +2, full plate armour, kite shield (with Farstead arms), sabre, dagger, 12 normal flight arrows, heavy lance, great helm. Rides heavy warhorse ("Zendrolion") with AC 4 (plate and chain barding), HD 3+3, Move 12, #AT 3, dmg d8x2, d3, THAC0 16, hp 16

Baron Farstead's Guards:

Captain: Thyatian human F7, with heavy warhorse, brooch of shielding, field plate +2, kite shield +1, horseman's pick +2, gladius +1, +2 vs. magic-users, AC -3, hp 51, Str 13, Dex 15, Con 12 20 Sharpshooters: F1, specialised in light crossbow, AC 8, hp 6

20 Heavy Footmen: Hill Dwarves in 3/4 plate & shield with morningstars & handaxes AC 2 hp 7 60 Light Infantry: pike & gladius AC 8, hp 5

Felonius Akrum is the eldest son of a (now dead) rich Thyatian spice merchant. Felonius inherited his father's money 20 years ago and used it to buy a knightly title from Stefan Karameikos and land from Stefan's vassal Count Durian west of Threshold. Felonius then built the town of Farstead and a castle with it. He was formerly an officer in the Thyatian army and loves military things - he imagines himself to be an ancient Hattian war-chief and loves hunting because it symbolises the Hattian spirit to him. He also loves to joust. He tends to dislike non-humans but loves dwarves, especially as drinking companions. He is somewhat loud and boorish and is known for his ability to belt out drinking and battle songs. In spite of his martial demeanour, during the last war he paid a scutage tax to the Duke rather than actually fighting. Since then he has felt somewhat ashamed of his cowardice and longs for another war so he can prove himself in battle at the head of his Baronial guards. He is quite loyal in his vassalage to King Karameikos and to Lord Handroc (the Seneschal of County Durian). Felonius' ancestry is somewhat mixed but he looks Hattian - red-faced and silver haired, and quite large. At castle Farstead there is a special pulley system rigged up to hoist him into the saddle when he is in his armour.