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by Alex Benson

With a population around 4,000, Felteborn is a large town, just short of actually being entitled to being called a city. It is a nice clean piece of civilisation. Its streets are squarely laid out. In fact, the general perspective of the town is that of organisation and practicality. Socially the town seems slow and quiet. This is intentional and reflects the local attitude.

Ruling Felteborn is Baroness Veratharia (MU12). She gained the title six years ago after her mother, Myargretia (MU22) lost interest with it and retired to Eadrin to live with family there. The Baroness is a fair ruler. Her attractiveness and pleasant demeanour make her one of Randel's most popular rulers. It has also made her the object of many a suitor's eye.

In the last two years, Verathraria's rule has not been a happy one. Her younger sister, Pendiadria, had become romantically involved with a dashing young noble named Xerashrin. Since he was one of the King's sons, the Baroness was happy for her sister and her own family. Then, tragedy struck. Xerashrin broke off the relationship to pursue another love interest. When she pursued his affections in an attempt to get him back, he scorned her, telling her that he had never loved her. Heartbroken and disgraced, Pendiadria committed suicide by jumping into the Sea of Esterhold from the cliffs outside of Doxeton.

Verathraria sought justice by petitioning the High Court and the King. Both declared that they were truly full of sorrow over the loss of the girl. However they also said that there was little that they could do. They both did concede that Xerashrin may have acted dishonourably by toying with the girl's emotions, but he was not her killer, as she had taken her own life.

Since then, Verathraria has had little respect for the King or the High Court. She views the King's sending Xerashrin to Sundsvall as a means to get him out of the kingdom until the matter dies down. She is constantly speaking against the King, at times dancing dangerously with treason.


Stationed in Felteborn are the 7th Standard Infantry Regiment and the 4th Heavy Movement Infantry Regiment. Commander Christlmeier (M23) is the commander of the 4th Heavy Movement Infantry Regiment as well as the overall commander of Felteborn. She is an able commander. Her one flaw is that she is getting bored with the idleness of being stationed in Felteborn.

She had at one time been a good friend of the Baroness. However, after the death of Pendiadria that friendship has grown cold. Christlemeier cannot stand to be constantly barraged by the Baroness' gripes against the King. Her sense of duty will not allow it. Christlemeier is sympathetic about the whole thing but she was not surprised. She had known of Xerashrin's tendencies. She had even forewarned both the Baroness and Pendiadria about him. They chose to ignore her then.

Nestled in a corner of the town are the stronghold and training grounds of the Black Watch. The facility is a series of towers and barracks surrounded by a wall. Entrance is forbidden to those not invited. Even the Baroness cannot enter without permission.

In charge of this stronghold is Commander Kispiox (M30). Under his guidance, the Black Watch trains and deploys according to the orders and directives of General Czekostrine of the General Staff in Rardish. Kispiox has a cunning mind and dark sense of humour. He likes the intimidation factor the Black Watch has. He subtly promotes it. Kispiox is very calm in his method of speech and his mannerisms.

University Facilities

Felteborn boasts a sizeable magist school. In charge of the school is Headmaster Lyleah (M24). Under her supervision, students are versed in low-level spells as well as being introduced to the fighting styles and tactics of warfare. Lyleah is a mage pure and simple. She depends heavily on her own spells and has not actually fought hand to hand combat in years.

Another University facility is the Advanced Infantry School. This school is merely a school to train students in the ways of the Heavy Movement Infantry Regiments. Headmaster Alurud (C19 of Razud) administers the school. Alurud is rather hands on. This approach disrupts his participation with the local Razud Following. As he sees it, he can do more in promoting Razud by working with the students than he could in the town's small and rarely attended temple.


Felteborn is a farming and herding town. The businesses and shops tend to favour supporting this. The farms mostly produce cotton and grains. A few grow oats that are favoured by the horse enthusiasts in Hoddives as food for their mounts. The herders primarily raise cattle. A few raise sheep or goats.

Arktriman (F32) is an elderly fighter. In his day he was a dashing figure, much beloved and respected by his fellows. Now he is old, seventy- three years. His once dashing figure is slightly overweight and his face wrinkled. To make matters worse, his greying hairline has receded. Arktriman retired out of the service a few years back. He returned to retire in Felteborn because he was born and raised there. Sadly, his boyhood friends are all gone. The few friends still living are complete strangers to him. The years have kept them apart and he knows nothing about them. To add to this, most have families and grandchildren. Having never married and had children he feels way out of place. Arktriman prefers to stay at his home alone and lost in his own thoughts. When he does emerge, he acts in a gruff manner.


The locals are pretty laid back. They are polite to the troops and to each other. Crime is virtually unheard of. Activity is limited to harvest time for the crops and market time for the herders. Most locals tend not to remember that the Black Watch stronghold is within their town. Most do not go near the stronghold even in daylight.

DM Notes:

Baroness Verathraria's success at rule comes from the fact that Felteborn is slow in nature. The cycle of life in Felteborn is established and it expands steadily as the population grows. There is little need to do anything to administer the town as it pretty much takes care of itself.

The Baroness's mother, Myargretia, has taken a vengeful side since the loss of her youngest daughter Pendiadria. Her retirement has been altered to include avenging that loss. She is secretly seeking allies to aid her. This has been a slow process as few want to be involved in killing one of the sons of the King of Randel.

Arktriman is a man wishing for his youth. His is filled with much regret. DMs are encouraged to use him to initiate adventures to right wrongs, investigate old acquaintances, and the like. It should be remembered that many events occurred years, even decades ago. So PCs will have to do some investigating to peel back the age of time.