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Beyond Ancepes Trigeminus: the Fey Court

by John Calvin

In ages past, the entire area now referred to as Ancepes Trigeminus was dominated by a portion of the Fey Court. The magical nature of the area is such that the planar boundaries between the Prime Material plane and that of the Fey are much thinner here and easily broken through. There have only been three instances over the past 5 millennia that the Fey have abandoned their home. The first was in 3000BC during the Great Rain of Fire. Shortly after that catastrophe the Fey returned and attempted to heal their land. The second instance was circa 1500BC when the entire area of southeastern Brun was under the direct sway of either the Taymorans or the Lost Nation. The fey were forcibly driven out by the dark powers of the Taymorans, and did not return until well after the fall and disappearance of the Lost Nation (which they call Nithia). [Note: Because the Fey were not on Mystara when the Immortals cast the Spell of Oblivion, they may still retain complete knowledge of the nation of Nithia, and may serve as quite a repository of ancient history.] The third and final instance has occurred only recently, shortly after the colonisation of Secundancepes by the Vyalian elves and Thyatians.

There are three noble houses that claim this area as their own, each vying for power and prestige within the Seelie Court. The houses of Water and Ice are lead by Nymphs and Uldras respectively, and constantly clash with one another over the transitional terrains of Secundancepes (and reflective terrain in the Fey Realm). The third house, Wood, is composed of sprites and lays claim to the nearby wooded areas. The fourth house is not a member in the Seelie Court, but in the Unseelie Court. Blood is a house populated by vicious redcaps who constantly stalk the other houses and wreak havoc wherever they can.

The Ancepes Trigeminus area is reflected in the Fey Realm, so for all intents and purposes the three peaks exist in both places at once. Since the Fey Court has withdrawn for the Material Plane, all of their works have vanished without a trace from the Material Plane version of the peaks. When the Court decides to return, all of their fabulous works and constructions will 'fade' back into existence on the Material Plane.


The core of this small clan is composed of uldras (Frost CR 1/2), and is supplemented by thorn (MMIII CR 4) mercenaries and spirit animal (Frost CR +1) companions. Quella stylises herself as the self proclaimed Ice Queen, though she would never use the title during a visit by the Queen of Light.

The uldra and their minions make their homes in palaces high atop the mountain, carved from large blocks of the purest ice. uldra hunting parties, supplemented by thorn mercenaries and spirit animal scouts, often descend from their freezing abode for short raids against their neighbours (mostly the House Water). Rarely is any blood shed on these raids, though it has been known to happen on occasion.


House Water makes their home deep in a mountain lake where they are served by their many charmed playthings. This house is different from most in that it is run by three nymph (MM CR 7) sisters. Besides their enthralled puppets, the nymphs are attended by several sirines (MMII CR 5) and a troop of thorns (MMIII CR 4) that do their bidding on the surface world.

The three sisters, often called the Blue Ladies by their subjects, spend most of their time in frivolous concerns. When not being troubled by the uldras from House Ice they compete with one another trying to determine which has the best jewellery, the most beautiful and enthralled servants, and generally speaking which one of them is loved the most by their subjects.


A pixie (MM CR 4-5) lord and lady lead this Fey house. The most militant of the Fey houses in this area, House Wood supports a large army of grigs (MM CR 1). Both Lord Ferik and Lady Twill opposed the latest retreat from the Prime Material plane, though they were overruled by the other nobles in the area. The two now constantly urge a return to their former homes, and often stage raids from the Fey Realm using various portals in the area (including the mushroom circle in area S5).

Of all the noble houses, House Wood made the most use out of the Abandoned Court, and they still maintain agents among them. When the court returns House Wood will lead the way, driving out the intruders in their lands; the Thyatians, the elves, and even the dragon if needs be.


Old Man Tree is a half-fey treant () and one of the few members of the Abandoned Court who was not actually abandoned when the Fey left the area. The centuries old treant appears as a large oak tree, its leaves autumnal colours no matter what the actual season. Upon first glance there appear to be thousands of butterflies adorning its branches, but these fluttery wings are in fact an extension of the treant itself.


Not really part of the Fey Court, and not welcomed there in any case, the redcaps (MMIII CR2) of what has been dubbed House Blood, nonetheless follows the Court around wherever it goes. These vicious creatures delight only in pain and suffering, and enjoy stalking and tormenting any creatures that are unlucky enough to stumble under their notice. The Fey Court is aware of their existence, but so far has been able to do little to eradicate the 'rogue' house.