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The Fey Kingdoms of Mystara

by Håvard

I was looking through PC1 Tall Tales of the Wee Folk last night and began to look more closely at the descriptions of the Fey Kingdoms. PC1 mentions many Fey Kingdoms existing on the Prime Plane. Fanon material has also suggested that these realms extend into other planes, mainly the Spirit World mentioned in Gaz 12 the Golden Khan of Ethengar. Where else would Fey spirits go while waiting to be reincarnated? Although different kingdoms exist, all Fey recognize the High King of the Good Kingdom as their ruler.

The Good Kingdom

Capital: Dreamlands
Ruler: High King Oberon and Queen Titania
Other notables: Lotis (Dryad), Olryrrhoe (Centaur), Papasilenius (Faun), Robin Goodfellow (Sprite), Tyrk-Tyrk Hsuu (Hsiao), Chuarbhidhe (Pooka)
The Good Kingdom is made up of all Fey Races on Mystara and perhaps elsewhere as well. All Fey recognize the Ard Ri or High King as their ruler. The current Ard Ri is King Oberon, a powerful Sidhe. His main rival is his wife Titania. The capital of the Good Kingdom is the Dreamlands in the Canolbarth Forest. Most other Fey rulers have embassies in Oberon's Court.

The Kingdom of Annwn

Capital: Unknown
Ruler: King Gwyn ap-Nudd
The second main kingdom of the Fair Folk is Annwn, an underground realm, said to have been isolated from the other Fey since the Blackmoor Explosion. It is ruled by King Gwyn ap-Nudd who has an embassy at King Oberon's Court.

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