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Friendly fungus

by Robin

Friendly fungus is a useful creature from the Great Pass region introduced in issue 196 of Dragon

Funghi Campestri
Type Lowlife (Funghi)
Climate/Terrain Any Temperat to Tropical, Salt Water Swamp, mangrove, Fungal Cave forests/Jungles
Frequency rare
Organization herd
Activity Cycle day, but inactive in bright sunlight
Diet herbivore
NA 4d6/herd
Size T; 1"/ Hp

ST 6
IN/WI 4+1d3
DX 14
CO 16
CH 15
Languages 0
Spellcaster Limits; 0

AC 9
AV 0
MV 140’/45’ (120’/40’ on walls and ceilings)
HD ½
Hp typically 2+1d2 hp each
THAC0 20
AT 1 (corrosive secretion)
Damage 1
SD neutralize poison, immune to poison, acid, and venom effects,Also immune to Charm, Hold, Illusions, Petrification, Holy Word and similar direct death spells.
60’ spherical infravision makes surprise very unlikely (1 in 12 chance)
Special weakness; Unholy Ground, weapons or water (ML-2), makes disliked sounds and tries to hobble away
SZ T 1d12+2’ high or 1d4+1” in diameter
ML 10
XP 15

These friendly actually never attack, but in defense they will secrete an acidious secretion that corrodes all that it touches. Rumors of sages suggest that the fungus host some of the bacteria of a rust monster somewhere deep in its innards, but this remains unproven sofar. Yet the results are equal; the metal rusts in a sphere of 10’ and 3’ deep (in case of larger surfaces). Magical items have a chance of being unaffected equal to 10% for each plus (a +2 weapon or armor has a 20% chance of not being affected). Any affected metal rusts or corrodes and immediately falls to pieces. The acid does no more than 1 point of intense painful damage, mostly enough for the offender to let the fungus go, so it can escape rapidly (due its high speed). The fungus is intelligent enough to hide or crawl in small holes or crevices in a means to escape harm.
A friendly fungus could bring keys and water to an imprisoned being; all friendly fungi can absorb and carry water like a sponge, exuding it at will. Their natural processes neutralize poison and alcohol in all liquids taken in (they cannot become intoxicated). Some rulers use a friendly fungus as a ‘filter’ to protect them from poisoned drinks. These creatures appear obviously related to both Myconids and campestris.
Senses; Warmth detection-Breath-CO2 detection 120’, Tremorsense 90’.
Main Predator; Insects, Bugs, Beetles, Funghi, Main Prey; Sedimentation

Some artists on Deviantart made a few nice pictures of this friendly Familiar

By Lynxander

By Warriorsneedfood