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Fighters: High Level Options

by Håvard

So, I've never been completely happy about the options offered in BECMI/RC for high level characters. I'm talking about the Prestigue-Class like subclasses you could choose between:

Fighter Options at 9th Level

Mainly I have two beefs with them:

1) I don't like that land-ownership is part of the equation. I like having Paladin and Avengers who are also land owners.
2) The Knight feels underpowered compared to the Paladin and Avenger.

Suggested revision:

All Fighters may now decide if they want to become land-owners or not. Regardless of that choice, they will be given the following options (more may be added later):

Fighter Options at 9th Level (Revised)

CHAMPION (Any Alignment)
These fighters have no special affiliations to Immortals, Clerical/Druidic Orders. Instead they focus on weapons and combat training. They get no specific penalties and the following advantages:

KNIGHT (Must be Neutral)
Knights swear fealty to a liege lord or master of a Chivalrous Order


AVENGERS (Must be Chaotic)
As described in the RC.

PALADIN (Must be Lawful)
As described in the RC.

Druidic Knight (Must be Neutral)
As described in VotPA

Eldritch Knight (Any Alignment)
These fighters take up the study of magic user spells.