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The Fight House

by Sean Meaney

Description & History

More an open garden with thick stone walls and reinforced doors, it sits, thanks a scandalous act of bribery by its owner, at the intersection of merchant Row and Club Row in the City of Thyatis creating four dead ends.

Map Key: A-West Club Row Entrance, B-North Merchant Row Entrance, C-East Club Row, D-South Merchant Row, E-Grand Master’s Seats, F-Fight Pit, G-Sewer Drain


Bhreu-Lei: Mystic (L16); Chaotic; 32hp; AC-6; S(12), I(13), W(18), D(17), C(10), Ch(18); 4 Attacks (3d12); Weapon Mastery: Striking (Grand Master).

Background: Though he is of such senior rank (L16)as a Mystic Bhreu-Lei does not maintain a school for Mystics – rather he teaches ordinary people the art of Striking (Magic-users, Thieves, Clerics, Fighters, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings). He will on occasion be challenged by other Chaotic Mystics to a Death Match which even at the young age of 60 he continues to be victorious in. He won’t allow a stronger – trained combatant to pick a fight with a weak foe – rather he will train the weaker combatant to the same level of Mastery in striking as his/her opponent and the outcome of the final fight will determine who gets to be trained to the next level.

Chon-Dak: Wizard(L14); Neutral; S(18), I(18), W(18), D(18), C(18), Ch(18); 24hp; AC 6; Weapon Mastery: Striking (Master).

Background: Once an ordinary young wizard, bullied by fighters, and laughed at by rivals, He has become a Master in his own right. Chon-Dak is interested in finding another Master to train with to achieve Grand Master level. He might pick some weakling wizard off the street who offends him and pay the fellow’s training fees in order to train him into a fighter of equal skill.


Fees and time frames are in keeping with the Weapon Mastery Rules in the D&D Rules Cyclopedia. The training student will fight once daily with rivals of the same rank and only when they can win every match in their training time are they considered to be advanced to the next level. Weapons and Armour are not allowed in the fight.

The Adventure

The Thief, Alfonse: Level 2; 7hp; chaotic; AC6; S(13), I(16), W(10), D(18), C(12), Ch(13) - lifts the coin-purse off the Player Character in Merchant Row and attempts to flee through the Fight House to elude capture. Unfortunately both thief and PC are captured by the regulars. Chon Dak will put a charm person spell on them to return each morning for training for a week while they are trained. They must fight seven fights to achieve Basic mastery before they are allowed to face one another. Final winner gets ownership of the stolen purse.