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Fila Magebasher

by Mischa E Gelman

History: Fila is a 36-year old single dwarf, in the middle of her Youth. She was born into the Torkrest clan, and learned their military traditions, though she did not join the Rockhome military. Instead, raised on stories of the evil wizards of Glantri who had tried to commit genocide of the innocent dwarves, she decided to adventure abroad and help the fight against those scum. She heard of the Ethengari recruitment of dwarven soldiers for future plans against Glantri, which she found to be the perfect solution for her wants. She joined the Brothers of the Bolt without delay, and has since served them faithfully for 12 years.

Personality: Fila is overrun by a hatred of those who deal in unnatural forces, other than those properly derived from the immortals. She is especially antagonistic to the murderous and arrogant Glantrians, but she has started more than one feud with a hakomon sorcerer. Since the hakomon are somewhat separate from the rest of the Ethengari, this behaviour is not frowned upon too harshly, as Fila knows where to draw the line. Outside of her disdain for one character class, she is a cheerful, personable dwarf, and has many friends in the armies of the Khan and especially among the Brothers of the Bolt. She misses her home sometimes, but for the foreseeable future plans to stay with the western lands.

Appearance: Fila is of about average beauty, by dwarven maiden standards. She has dark hair, which flies every which way during her battle charges, and wears typically bland dwarven clothes. She is generally armoured, making her appear a tad taller than her 4'0" and a good deal heavier than her 135-pound frame, but will don lighter armours for quick strike raids. She does not pay close attention to her appearance, as she thinks folks should be judged by their character rather than their looks.

Combat Notes: She is a 4th-level dwarf. AC 2 (using Plate Mail and Shield; varies depending upon the situation); hp 25; at 1; d 1d6+2 (war hammer, skilled), save D4; ML 12; Al N; S 12, I 7, W 9, D 10, Co 11, Ch 10. Languages: Common, Neutral, Dwarvish, Ethengari. General Skills: Engineering (I), Mining (I), Bravery (W) DM Notes: Fila could serve as an antagonist for Glantrian parties, or an ally for Ethengari armies. While she generally only ventures into Glantri, she could assist the Ethengar on an expedition into mountainous realms, or in opposition to the humanoid tribes that range their territory. She could also liven things up in the Ethengari camps by striking a feud with a PC hakomon or by getting into a drinking match with PCs or could simply develop friendships with allies.