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Filling the Western Sea

by Saunatonttu

One thing that has always wanted me to do something is the HUGE amount of empty sea south from the Savage Coast - after all about half of the area of the poster map is plain blue with no extra features.

Well, just so happens that I am running a pirate themed game nominally set in the world of Greyhawk, and I started thinking. Savage Coast would be a much more sensible place to put the stuff I've been using in my pirate game than a "Caribbean" somewhere in Greyhawk.

Green Ronin's Freeport and the whole Serpent's Teeth chain is used, as is the Tri-Island area of Monkey Island computer games (especially the Melee Island featured in the first and fourth games). So without any further thought I put 1 and 1 together:

(apologies to Thorfinn Tait for bastardising one of his maps)

That's not a real placement, I guess there is plenty of room south and east/west of the coast when the true ocean opens, but I just whipped that thing up to give a general idea of what I'm thinking. Does it make much sense? Probably not. Do I think mixing the Savage Coast stuff to Freeport and Monkey Island might be entertaining? Yeah.

Err, has anyone else tried to fill the seas south of Savage Coast with something?