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Find Familiar

by Tim Haney

2nd Level
Range: 1 mile/level
Duration: Special
Effect: 1 familiar

This spell enables the caster to attempt to summon a familiar to act as his aide and companion. A creature acting as a familiar can benefit a wizard conveying its sensory powers to its masters, conversing with him, and serving as a guard/scout/spy as well. A wizard can have only one familiar at a time and has not control over what sort of creature answers the summoning. The wizard receives the heighten senses of his familiar, which grants the wizard a +1 bonus to surprise rolls. Normal familiars have 2-4 hit points plus 1 hit point per caster level, and a AC 8.

The wizard has an empathic link with the familiar and can issue it mental commands at a distance of up to one mile. Responses from familiar are generally basic. The castor cannot see through the familiar's eyes. If separated from the caster, the familiar loses 1 hp each day and dies at 0 hp. The familiar gains the wizards saving throws if in physical contact against special attacks. If special attack causes damage the familiar suffers no damage if saving throw is made and half if failed. If familiar dies, the wizard must successfully roll an death ray/poison saving throw or die. This spell can only be attempted once per year.

d20 Roll Familiar Sensory Powers
1-5 cat, black excellent night vision superior hearing
6-7 crow excellent vision
8-9 hawk very superior distance vision
10-11 owl night vision equals human day vision superior hearing
12-13 toad wide-angle vision
14-15 weasel superior hearing very superior olfactory power
16-20 No familiar available within range

I made this spell 2nd level because of the bonuses gained that are almost permanent but I think it could be bumped up to 3rd level. You can insert any small animal on the table and associate a sensory power with it but I would leave the 16-20 remaining no familiar available. Even have the table contain fifteen different animals.