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A find in Glantri

by Paul Dooley

Recent renovations at the Great School have uncovered a once lost depository of arcane knowledge, and began a major manhunt at the same time. For it seems that the depository was not lost to all.

Apparently, one Shareth Luxor (graduate GSM 975 AC) knew of it's existence and used it for her own personal advancement. Not a crime in itself, but from the records currently discovered it is apparent that her death by 'Lab. accident' was nothing of the sort. Shareth it appears walked of with the only remaining copy of 'Principia Magica' thought to exist. Yes the fabled journal of King Lucinius the first of Thyatis walks amongst us again. What does it contain? Myth claims the entire knowledge of Lucinius and all those Alphatian mages he bested, that it was this which drove him mad, for one mind was not meant to encompass such knowledge.

Whatever the truth of the matter Shareth Luxor is now deemed missing , presumed traitorous. Known associates are being questioned even now in the Tower of Sighs. Inspectors of the Utterance are warned to look out for the following spells, as anyone casting them has knowledge of the fugitive.

Until this matter is cleared up remember:

Be Pure
Be Vigilant

Shareth's Somatic Substitution
Level: 2
Range: 0
Components: V, S, M
Duration: Special
Cast Time: 1
Area: Caster
Save: None

This spell does for the somatic component what 'Vocalise' did for verbal, for the duration of the spell no somatic components are necessary to successfully cast other spells.

Game effects are that the mage doesn't have to stand there whilst casting so gets dex bonus to AC whilst casting, and can even take defensive actions such as dodge and parry whilst casting a spell.

The material component is the fingerbone of a mage mixed with 1 oz of the casters own blood and contained in a blessed vial. This becomes the centrepiece of a pendant worth no less than 500GP which is held whilst casting the spell. It is not used up in the casting.

Duration in rounds is equal to twice the average of the levels of the mage who is casting, and that of the mage who's fingerbone is in the vial (at the time of loss of finger of course). With a maximum of twice fingerbones level.

Shareth's Imperceptible Lightsource
Level: 4
Range: Touch
Components: V, S ,M
Duration: 2 hours/level
Cast: 1 round
Area: 60' radius
Save: None

This allows a being to see as if within a Continual Light spell for the duration. However there is no area of illumination for anyone else to see by (or target at). The material component is any Continual Lightsource. Which is consumed in the casting of the spell.