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Final Range Domains

The Final Range domains comprise all those nations which lie in the Final Range, the mountain chain that begins some 100 miles north of Landfall, touching the Wyrmsteeth and running along Norwold's eastern coast ending just another 100 miles from the northernmost tip of the Wyrmsteeth. The Final Range peaks reach 15,000 feet in height and are surrounded by more or less rocky hills. The settlements are obviously located in the foothills of the range for the most part, especially in the valleys in its northern tip, where 1,000' high hills are predominant, but an isolated dwarven stronghold has been built near the centre of the chain, in the very heart of the mountains.

KILDORKAK (Dwarven Barony of)
MOONLAND (Barony of)
NORDALFHEIM (Elven Kingdom of)
STAMTRAL (Duchy of)