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Heldannic Knights -- The Fist of Hattias

by Bruce Heard

The Fist of Hattias

It is an outlawed sect that includes only the most hateful and brutal Hattians in the Order, especially in the military. Their goal is to promote Hattian influence and dominance among the Order. They are certainly capable to driving away new recruits that they don't like. They'd rather have no brotherhood at all, no Order, and no Laws, rather than share what they see as exclusive Heldannic rights and privileges with conquered underlings, slaves to the Order. They see the old tales of the early Hattian knights storming the Heldann Freehold and ruling as they pleased, as the true glorious destiny of the Hattians. To make things worse, a number of chaplains from The Hammer serving in the military fancy this thinking and support the sect with tacit help and a certain lack of zeal when it comes to fighting intolerance, making the sect's detection even harder. This sect entertains links with Hattian nobility in Thyatis. They know of the Partisans (qv) whom they consider they primary target. Some of these Hattians also belong to the Company of the Orb (qv). There may be a plot to eliminate or kidnap either or the Grand Master of the Order and the Primate of the Heart. Members of the Fist of Hattias have remained impervious to the influence of the Star of Vanya (qv), so thick is their hatred.