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While we are on the AD&D Mystara topic: I've uploaded a (still incomplete) guide to kits and classes in Mystara to my website. I'm not going to post it here, due mainly to length (10 pages, more or less), and the fact that it is relevant only to a minority of the people here (and even those probably already have their own version of this stuff).
However, I'm posting a sample regarding the Five Shires, since it includes an adaptation of the Defender for a (strongly depowered) Hin Master.
The complete document is at

Five Shires Kits

by Giampaolo Agosta

Popular kits:
Local Hero (all classes)
Swashbuckler (all classes)
Archer/Slinger (Fighter)
Homesteader (Fighter)
Sheriff (Fighter)
Pirate (Fighter)
Trader (Fighter/Thief)
Smuggler (Thief)
Bandit (Thief)
Buccaneer (Thief)

Modified kit:
Hin Master (Defender Fighter)

Shire Halflings may be Fighters, Thieves, or Fighter/Thieves. All Hin may take the Local Hero kit, which fits well with their high loyalty to the clan and family. Due to the piratical activities of the Shire Hin, and their curiosity and flair, many take the Swashbuckler kit. Most Hin captains are Swashbucklers, due to their inspiring leadership.
Multiclassed Hin may take also the Trader kit, a very common option, especially for Hin living near the Darokin frontier.

Fighters are very common, even though the Hin are usually pacific. All Halfling communities produce sharpshooters, and the Five Shires have their share of Slingers and Archers. Homesteaders are common, even though much of the land is already settled. To protect the Hin villages, Sheriffs are employed. There are five Sheriff, one for each Shire.
However, each has a number of deputies, called Krondar. Finally, the most aggressive, and less glamorous, sailors take the Pirate kit.
Hin Fighters may also choose to follow the path of the High Heroes, and study the magic of nature as Hin Masters.

Halfling Thieves are most common in the eastern Shires, due to the proximity of the Black Eagle Barony. They usually take the Bandit or Smuggler kit. Seafaring rogues may use the Buccaneer kit.

Hin Master
The Hin variant of the Defender must have Neutral Good alignment and a minimum Charisma score of 13. The Hin Master progresses has a human Defender up to 8th level. Thereafter, he raises in level only for spellcasting purposes, up to 20th level. They are considered Higher Masters after reaching 18th level. They always choose the detect evil ability. Hin Masters are secretive, and are required to conceal their activities, so they do not receive reaction bonuses or penalties. They have access to the spheres of Protection, Healing, Elemental (All), Weather. The Hin Master must devote half of his non-weapon proficiencies slots to proficiencies related to nature, such as Animal Lore, Weather Sense, Orienteering, Survival.