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Location: Along the south shore, west of Karameikos, east of Atruaghin territories.

Area: 10,660 sq. mi. (27,609 sq. km.).

Population: 210,000 halflings, 10,000 other demihumans and humans.

Languages: Thyatian (Darokinian dialect). Some sages can speak Lalor, the ancient language of the halflings.

Coinage: Yellow (gp), star (sp), sunset (cp).

Taxes: None. Each year, the clanmasters determine what money and chores need to be done to maintain their strongholds and towns. Clan members then share in cost and labour (according to their wealth) to accomplish these chores. This usually comes out to about 5 to 10% of their yearly income.

Government Type: Each shire is administered by a sheriff; together, the five sheriffs govern the shires.

Industries: Agriculture, especially vegetables (peas, beans, radishes, mushrooms, carrots, onions, and asparagus).

Important Figures: Joam Astlar (Sheriff of Seashire, halfling, male, F9), Tarisco Highnose (Sheriff of Highshire, halfling, male, F7/T7), Maeragh Littlelaughs (Sheriff of Eastshire, halfling, female, F8) Delune Darkeyes (Sheriff of Heartshire, halfling, female, F8), Sildil Seaeyes (Sheriff of Southshire, halfling, female, F8).

Flora and Fauna: As well as all the normal flora and fauna usually found in the Five Shire's climate and terrain, this land also has many fairy-type creatures (like dryads or wooddrakes), as well as the unnatural monsters (such as lycanthropes and vampires) typical of unsettled forest areas. Various goblinoids can also be found in the northern Cruth Mountains.

Further Reading: GAZ8 The Five Shires, previous almanacs.

Description by Joshuan Gallidox.

Located just west of the Kingdom of Karameikos, Eastshire is the region most familiar to those travelling through the lands of the hin.

The Land

The lands of Eastshire consist mainly of rich farmlands-running from the coast south of the Wardle River, all the way up to the Cruth Lowlands. There, sparsely vegetated hills wend their way northwards through the eastern portion of Highshire, to the Cruth Mountains. Small forests dot the lands-west of Wardlystone and along the southernmost hills.

The vast open fields are extremely helpful to the numerous patrols that roam the land. Even though the Black Eagle Barony has recently fallen, monsters and bandits-many formerly employed by Ludwig von Hendriks-still roam the lands of Eastshire, making it a potentially dangerous place for the non-adventurer.

The People

The hin of Eastshire are a very closemouthed, cautious lot. Their trust in outsiders has been pushed to the limit by decades of attacks from the western Black Eagle Barony. They tend to be very suspicious of others-even other hin! Yet along with this distrust of others comes a strong sense of community. The hin of Eastshire maintain very close ties to other towns and villages in the region. They are quick to rally to the defence of their fellow Eastshire residents, and they maintain one of the best communication nets in all of the shires. Their roads are well maintained, and patrolling fang units are always treated to the best accommodations possible. Soldiers in Eastshire are often called "Minute Hin," for their ever-ready state of preparedness.

Recent History

In AC 1010, several hin from Eastshire kidnapped King Stefan Karameikos, bringing him to the Black Eagle Barony. There, the king was forced to bear witness to the terrible depredations committed by his evil cousin, Ludwig von Hendriks. Upon his return home, King Stefan formally revoked his cousin's baronial status, and opened the path for von Hendriks' downfall. Within weeks, the Five Shires declared war on the Black Eagle, destroying his army and capturing him. Forces from Eastshire led the vanguard of the attack.

Unfortunately, before he could be executed for his crimes, the Black Eagle was somehow freed from captivity. He went underground for quite some time, only recently turning up in the Principalities of Glantri. The council of sheriffs has tried several times to have the Council of Princes extradite the criminal, but to no avail. Former Seashire Sheriff Jaervosz Dustyboots retired his position in AC 1013 in order to pursue Ludwig von Hendriks and bring him to justice once and for all.

Don't Miss

There are several notable sites in Eastshire, among them The Murdered Princess, an inn located on the road between the village of Nob's Boots and Rollstone Keep. It is a luxurious inn, built into a hillside in the manner of many hin structures. It is named for the Traladaran maiden Navrilstar, the human lover of hin hero Nob Nar, of whom many ballads are sung.

Another well-known inn in Eastshire is The Wizard's Wand, in the village of Mallowfern. It is run by a human sorcerer named Berek Shindel and his hin wife Ammagil Rallytongue.

Both inns are just two of the many splendid inns and waystations to be found in the region of Eastshire.