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Exodus of the Flaem

by Håvard

What we know:
In AC 0, the Followers of Fire were defeated and embarked on their near-400 year journey through the planes in search of a new home. In 395 AC they finally arrived on Mystara to settle in Glantri.

The Journey
What happened in those centuries of planar travel? Some discussions over the last year have suggested that some of the Flaems have had contacts with demons on their travels, turning some of them into Tieflings. Did all surviving Flaems make it to Mystara, or did some branches establish colonies on other Planes or Planets?

The Immortals
According to WotI, it was Alphaks' own followers who bannished him upon the destruction of Old Alphatia. Did he run into the Flaems on their journey across the planes? It took him along time before becoming a demon, and even longer to become a true Immortal.

Razud is said to have guided the Alphatians from their old world and to Mystara. Did he aid the Flaems? Given the Glantrian dislike for Immortals, could the Flaems have felt abandoned by the Immortals even on this journey?

The Honor Island Mages
Although the Ierendi Gazetteer brings up alot of theories on the origins of the Honor Island Mages, it states clearly that they are of Alphatian origin. And which other Alphatians would be linked to the Elemental Plane of Fire than Flaems? Gaz 4 says that the Honor Island Mages had a settlement on the Isle of Dawn at some point before being forced to re-settle in Ierendi. Where was this original settlement? Why does this group consider itself separate from the Glantrians? Or do they really?