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by Sean Meaney

Haskin the Mercenary swatted at the annoying little bugs that stung at him.
"Why are we going through this swamp?" Another stinging pest met an end.
"Because that elf we interrogated said there was a fairy kingdom at the heart of it." Captain Franco, the Butcher of Haas, had his eyes on a prize.
"Fairy Gold? Frankly I think it's shite! I reckon there is a Black Dragon at the end of this." Franco turned on him with a sword to his face.
"You are not Paid to Reckon..." Something caught his eye. He reached out and grasped at a stinger protruding from Haskin's neck, wiping it up on the tip of a finger. It was a very small sliver of silver that looked...he grappled with his pockets and dug out a lens. A Silver Sword. perhaps an eighth of an inch long.
He swatted another bug crushing it in the palm of his hand. Under the Lens it became a small winged fairy bairly a quarter of an inch tall. Haskin Stared at the corpse.
"It seems we have found it."

How do you handle the Flitterling? This inconsequential entity has been hiding in the D&D Creature Catalog since the early eighties and yet I have never had need to include them ever in D&D other than bugs that PCs never identified as anything else. At a Quarter of an Inch Tall they barely rate as 'Fairies' for the little people that live in Hollow World.