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Elemental Steed: Flame Steed

by Håvard

Armor Class | 6
Hit Dice | 4** (L)
Move | 240' (80')
Attacks | 2 fiery hooves
Damage | 1d10, 1d10
No. Appearing | 0 (2d12)
Save As | F4
Morale | 9
Treasure Type | Nil
Intelligence | 4
Alignment | Neutral
XP Value |TBD
Monster Type: Elemental (Rare)

Elemental Steeds are horses bred by Elemental Rulers, Amirs, Pashas and similar entities and are sometimes traded to other planar creatures or powerful mortals.

Flame Steeds are the variety bred on the Elemental Plane of Fire. They appear as black horses with fiery red eyes and flames erupting from their hooves. Other varieties are found on the other elemental planes:

Cloud Runner (Air) - DMG 1d6/1d6, but can fly at 480'(160')
Wave Strider (Water) - - DMG 1d6/1d6, but can move across watery surfaces and bestows rider breath water ability once per day (as potion)
Granite Destrier (Earth) - DMG 1d8/1d8, but has AC 2

Terrain: Planar
Load:3000 at full speed, 6000 at half speed
Barding Multiplier: X1