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Floating Ar (Kingdom of)

by Hervé Musseau

Location: New Alphatian Sea, then above the Yannivey Islands.

Capital: Skyreach (population 25,000).

Area: 100 sq. mi., plus the 33,920 sq. mi. of the Yanniveys.

Population: 50,000 (95% human, 5% elvish), plus the 5,000 of the Yanniveys.

Language: Alphatian, Elvish (Shiye-Lawr dialect).

Coinage: Alphatian Standard.

Taxes: King Qissling imposes the standard income tax of 15% on everyone of servant status or higher and an import tax of 1% (this tax only concerns goods coming from outside the Confederation and does not concern goods from Karameikos due to a trade agreement between that nation and the Confederation). 10% of it goes to the Imperial Treasury. The Air Navy, that was once a mercenary force that could be hired out, is now under Broderick's command and doesn't bring any more income but this accounts for the 10% the country should spend on an army.

Government type: Semiautonomous monarchy owing loyalty to the New Alphatian Confederate Empire since Vatermont 28, AC 1013.

Industries, Description, Notable Sites, History, Flora and Fauna: See the PWAs.

Important Figures: Qissling (King of Floating Ar), Qirklin (Prince), Tanaran Keltander (General), Haldemar of Haaken (Adventurer).

Updates for the years 1013 and 1014 AC: With the Council's approval, King Qissling and the mages of Floating Ar, as well as wizards from all around the NACE-especially Aeria-interested in air magic, embarked on an ambitious project: To move the levitating islands of their kingdom 350 miles to the northeast, over the Yannivey Islands. That incredible feat took six months, but by Ambyrmont 3, 1013, the islands graced the skies above the Yanniveys.
Then began the difficult task of magically altering the islands themselves, to increase the land mass and make the islands more hospitable. There was some conflict with the islands' original inhabitants, but no organized resistance. To speed up the process of colonisation of the Yanniveys, the king has granted land to anyone who could cleared it, be they natives from Floating Ar or adventurers. Those that were spellcasters also received noble status (Floating Ar still generally uses the old Alphatian laws), although the older nobles that own estates on the floating islands regard them as of lesser status. Floating Ar also received help from the Council in the form of troops dispatched by Broderick. The first harvest was a mixed success, as the land hadn't been settled for a long enough time (part of it was still in chaos), but the country hopes to have a good harvest in 1015.
The government has finally accepted to recognise the pegataurs-winged centaurs-as full citizens of Floating Ar, after many strikes that prevented most transportation between the floating isles or with the other nations-skyships and magic do not suffice. The life of most pegataurs has not changed, however, since most of them continue to serve as transports for hire. Those few that are wizards are now nobles, and some adventurous fighters have enlisted in the so far nearly-nonexistent army. One of them has even been appointed general, since no humans or elves were interested in the job.

See Also: DotE, PWAs (esp. PWA3 for latest information), nace, nace1314.