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Float Move

by Robin

Inspired by various fantasy and horror movies (including D&D )(best visible source; Death Becomes her; where the doctor brings his (undeath) wife to the hospital passing three nuns floating in the hall) here a new spell (currently known only in Ochalea and by students of the GSM in Glantri). it was hinted in various sources (most non-Mystara) but in Son of Dawn it was mentioned...I believe to remember...or was it Dark Knight?
Eitherway here it is

Float Move created by Robin, Glantrió983 AC
Level 1 Evocation spell (Also very rare and local Clerical Level 3 spell--known as 943 AC)
Range: Caster only
Duration: 1 hour /level caster
Area of Effect: Caster
Saving Throw: None
Casting/Reading Time; 5 Rounds
Components; 10 minutes of undisturbed meditation, Clean feet and shoes, a pristine soap bubble (free) & a glass bubble (2 gp)(Clerics; 10 minutes of undisturbed meditation and Clean feet)
Float Move allows the caster to float 5 inches from the floor, and move forward and change direction at will according his level.(see table) without actually moving his/her feet, and making less sound. (no sound on dried leaves for example or puddles of water)
The components are consumed and this spell canít be made permanent. This spell is a magical version of a similar Clerical (immortal unknown) spell from Former Alphatia, where the nuns and patriarchs use this spell to give an ominous feel to their presence. The clerical version is without the ability to float over mud/quicksand or higher on the table, but movement rates are double (see notes in Red). Also only meditation and the spell are needed, clean feet, and nothing more. This spell also enables a person to move without making tracks with their feet, but as most mages wear long robes the robes will still cause tracks of a drawn pattern. This spell is especially handy for invalid mages/clerics (including those affected on the legs by the Radiance/Wasting Disease). This spell canít be cast on anybody else. The caster canít carry more than 50% of his personal body weight (thus not including clothing, armor, etc).This spell will be dispelled by any dispelling magic (including Dispel Evil) of a level equal to or higher than the half of the casterís level. It will also be dispelled by Antimagic, and if the feet of the caster come into contact with the highest material on the table they are able to float over (a kobold throwing mud at a 16th level mageís feet will dispel the spell, but if it throws ice, or snow falls upon the casterís feet the spell will not be dispelled. This spell will not affect any falling rates, but will be affected by spells or items (including potions) which increase speed. The caster can move over all surfaces of his level or lower. Though it is possible to float over water, any wind or waves higher than 5 inches will cause the caster to be affected by the water, and the spell will be dispelled.

Level Caster Float over Movement Rate
1-3 (Cl; 2-6) Flat Solid Ground 30'/10' (Cl; 60'/20')
4-8 (Cl;7-13) Irregular Solid Ground 45'/15' (Cl; 90'/30')
9-15 (Cl;14-22) Thin Ice Snow 60'/20' (Cl; 120'/40')
16-24 (Cl;23-31) Mud Quicksand (Mages only) 75'/25' (CL; 150'/50')
25-36(Cl;32-36) Water (Mages Only) 90'/30' (Cl; 180'/60')