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Flosi Hammerhand, Cleric of Thor

by Daniel Mayer

"Thor's Hand"
OD&D: neutral (good), Level 22
St: 19 (23), In: 11, Wis: 16, Dex: 13, Con: 18, Ch: 15 Hp: 75 (+10), AC: (War/Adventure:) -7 / (At Ease:) 2 Weapons: +3 warhammer (returning, Int 8, det. magic, det. evil, +6 vs. Undead)
Armour: +4 chain mail of healing, +3 boar fur of constitution (+10 hp) Magic
Items: +4 ring of protection, ring of holiness, staff of healing (32), staff of healing (23), 6 metal vials of health, 5 Antidote, backpack of holding, girdle of (fire?) giant strength (23); Normal Items: tent, bedroll, 5 torches, 3 wineskins, waterskin, iron rations, mirror, Lore Book of the Valkyries ("Summon Valkyrie" 1/month) Cash: 12 pp, 65 gp, 12 sp, 13 cp

Flosi is more a warrior than a cleric. As child of Thor he's supposed to fight whenever possible or necessary. He has an exceptional and non-human strength (19) which gave him in early years the co-name "Hammerhand". He was raised as child of a proud freeman of Ostland. His father was a skilled hunter and fighter, always keeping up honour and faith. So Flosi learned to be a humble servant of the gods, but never even thought about becoming a "Stumbling Hairless", as he called the priests. When being 14 years old, he was already 6.5 feet tall, he had a meeting with a valkyrie, without recognising her. She told him legends of the mighty heroes of the north, and their faith in Odin and Thor. And she put some vague information about an artifact of Thor in her stories. Days after, Flosi discovered the truth. She gave him the task to search for the lost "Skyship Of The Valkyries", the ship which was used to take those who died with honour to Asgard.
Flosi left his family and the Northern Reaches for almost ten years, and returned with honour to the court of Knut when he finished the quest (Lvl 15).

He was recognised as member of Thor's servants and was offered a dominion in Ostland. But he refused. His calling as cleric wasn't a profession to rule. So as one of the most widely known clerics of Thor, he has gained the title "Hand of Thor", one of the five honorary titles available ("Eyes", "Hand", "Voice", "Hammer", "Herald", from lowest to highest). Everyone of them gets a special artifact, the Lore Book of Valkyries, which can be used to summon a valkyrie to aid in a tough fight. It's seldom used (a fight has to be won without help), but it's nearly the only help a cleric of Thor get's from his god in a one-to-one fight. Against overpowered enemies sometimes good to have.
So without being a noble he holds much political and clerical power in the Northern Reaches which he doesn't use. Just once, he used his position to challenge the mad king of Ostland to a duel to death. Knut lost. Since then the queen rules sole.
Flosi is somewhat of a loner of his folks, but enjoys the company of his true friends Laren ("smart buddy"), Aurelius ("great fighter") and Elaya ("most beautiful woman ever AND smart"). He goes along with Endarius and Thrandor, because he doesn't like their sneaky way of life. As cleric of Thor he hasn't access to plant-related spells as well as life-giving spells ("let the dead be dead"). So he never resurrected a fighter after death in battle. Only once he raised two children who where killed by his fault (AC 1009).
Even now (AC 1012) he's on the search how to pay his debt to Thor. Today he thinks about living with Aurelius in the Abbey of Banz, for living with fighting clerics/paladins goes conform with his way of life. If he goes to Banz, no one should even think to attack that abbey... too many powerful fighters in one place :)
Flosi usually wears his chain with the boar fur, like the typical Viking. He always is with his warhammer, as it is his holy symbol. Aside from his reputation he never tells someone he's a cleric. And his manner suggests him being a fighter. One who loves fighting...