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Focused Maintenance

by David Knott

Focused Maintenance n Level: P(n+3) Schools: Abjuration, Necromancy Sphere: Protection Range: 10 feet Components: V, S, M Casting Time: 1 day Duration: Special (maximum one year) Area of Effect: Special (maximum radius 20' per level of caster) Saving Throw: None

Except as noted, this spell should be treated as a Focus spell with Maintain as the Focused spell. Any of the three focus types may be used, although the most common focus type for this spell is the living focus (with a lower level priest of the same Immortal being the usual focus). The material component of this spell combination is (n+3)^2 weeks' worth of undepleted cinnabryl, which are consumed in the casting. The required monetary outlay is unchanged.

Anyone entering the area of effect falls under the protection of a Maintain spell as long as he remains in the area. If he stays within the area of effect for at least an hour, then the protection is extended for n^2 - n days after he leaves the area of effect.

The exact figures are thus:

n Spell Level Extended Duration
1 4 None
2 5 2 days
3 6 6 days
4 7 12 days

Use of any Legacy negates that protection, of course -- and use of a Legacy within the radius of the focus not only has the same effect as a day without the required devotional energy but also suppresses the Maintain effect for (7-n) hours. Needless to say, people who do that are generally lynched by an outraged mob.

Inheritors not only cannot benefit from this spell but do not count towards the required devotional energy no matter how faithful they are to the patron Immortal.

I suspect that the use of lower level priests as foci would make it feasible to protect a large portion of the populace from the worst effects of the Red Curse to the extent that the original Maintain spell was evidently meant to do.