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by Jennifer Guerra

This collection of files is my attempt to expand upon my favourite Glantrian principality, Belcadiz. If you don't have Gaz 3: Principalities of Glantri or the Glantri: Kingdom of Magic boxed set, Belcadiz is home to an elven culture of mysterious origin. Their culture is roughly that of Golden Age Spain (1492-1556). They have darker skin than other Mystaran elves and some facial hair. And they don't mind living with humans; in fact, they appear to like humans better than some other elven clans (the Erewan come to mind).

Many other people have done excellent treatments of the Belcadiz and Clan Alhambra). But I wanted to do a full clan history, which explains where they come from and why they act the way they do. So I have. Consider yourself forewarned: this is completely "non-canon," meaning I've used my imagination to shape the Belcadiz to my liking.

So, everything within proceeds from my own timeline; the history of the clan, Carnelia's bio, the creation of La Centinela. Nothing really directly contradicts the TSR source material, except that I have given the Belcadiz a religious twist, and I have tinkered with Carnelia's stats. I thought that religion fit the Belcadiz culture, period. Of course, I think that many Glantrian principalities have religious undergrounds; it was clerical magic and proselytisation which were forbidden in the Principalities, not religion itself. I believe that the sheer number of clerics popping out of the woodwork after WotI set a precedent for this. In Belcadiz, I have religion as never having been specifically outlawed by the Princess or her father, only suppressed to keep the Council pacified. I'd like to explore religion in each Principality some day, but that's another story. . .

As far Carnelia goes, I have tweaked the 2nd Edition stats given in GKoM a bit. I've given her a few more levels (no, I don't believe in demihuman level limits) and made her a specialist wizard: an enchantress. Spells are taken from the Wizard's Spell Compendium. I've also made her Chamberlain of the Land, as I'm assuming Dolores' plans will come tumbling down around her ears (as was suggested in the last few official sources) post-1015.

The Mini-Gaz also contains totally new stuff. I'm introducing a new secret society of researchers of the arcane/slayers of evil, La Centinela. Spells and magical items specific to the Belcadiz elves or La Centinela are detailed. And I've thrown in some original NPCs, including Carnelia's dueñas (remember that hilarious scene in the beginning of Gaz 3?).

So, I truly hope that you enjoy reading (and using) this Mini-Gazetteer. Please feel free to send me any comments or questions you might have.